Spoiler-Free Advance Review: Series 10, Episode 5

With a growing sense of sadness, I’ve seen the penultimate episode of Spooks. Yes, Harry and friends are nearing the end, and every minute left seems precious. The only question is, how will they spend their final hours on earth?

Well, to give the usual vague summary: this is a decent episode, building the stakes up for what we all hope will be an exciting finale. So far, so good.


More detail? Glad you asked...

Back in my first advance review, I mused that Spooks seemed to be The Harry Pearce Show this year, making Big Daddy Spy the lead character whilst others merely ran errands for him. Well, after proving me wrong for a few episodes and returning to the formula of heroic agents and weekly terrorists, the final two-parter looks set to be very Pearce-heavy.

And, to be honest, Harry is the one constant since the very beginning, in many ways the embodiment of Spooks. I can’t say he doesn’t deserve to be the focus of the series finale.

So fans of his, and by extension Ruth’s, will be thrilled. Lovers of any other character probably won’t be. Oh, except for Simon Russell Beale’s home secretary, he’s on amazing form in this episode, some great one-liners.

On the whole: a decent build-up, stacking the odds against our heroes so they can blow them up big style. How history will look back on this two-part story, perhaps even the entire tenth series, depends on how strong the resolution is, but so far, a competent start.

Join me next week for... the last advanced Spooks review. Ever. (Unless the BBC makes a terrible reunion special in a decade’s time.)

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