Spoiler-Free Advance Review: Series 10, Episode 4

Once every series in Spooks, they decide to tackle religious extremism. Sometimes we get a thoughtful episode, others have been so silly and over the top that they make Four Lions look like a documentary.

And yes, it’s that time again. To give a brief non-spoiling summary: it’s okay, not one of their more skilful attempts at this routine, but I’ve seen worse.

More nuggets of commentary follow, still without plot spoilers...


After last week’s episode, which contained enough twists and turns to be genuinely interesting, this felt a little generic to me. We’ve seen the same sort of thing before in Spooks, and because they always return to the Al Qaeda stuff, the themes, backdrops and character types were very familiar as well.

The unique hook, I suppose, is that Erin gets personally involved. Lara Pulver does her best, she’s endearing enough and since there’s only two episodes left, I imagine this will go down in history as her character’s big showcase.

However, to give the big guy his due, Dimitri milked his spotlight a lot better last week. Erin is written as a bit of a passive observer here; sometimes she manages to cry a bit.

Meanwhile, the Russia/CIA storyline ticks on in the background. It’s impressive that, with only six episodes, it already feels like they’re running in circles. Hopefully next week being the penultimate Spooks will force them to push forward a bit.

All of which forces me to confront that next week is the penultimate Spooks. Ever. Wow. Do chip in and let us know how you think this series is going; you may never get the chance again.

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