Spoiler-Free Advance Review: Series 10, Episode 3

This weekend, Spooks will sneak up on the midway point of its final series, and how do we think it’s going? It certainly hit the ground running, but last episode would’ve been a bit vacant if they hadn’t killed off... y’know, that guy. (Sorry, but it does say spoiler-free in the title.)

Anyway, this week we tackle both the fallout of that cliffhanger and a whole new threat o’the week. Brief, utterly comment-free opinion: Very good, better than last week, great example of regular Spooks.


Okay, so my basic problem last week was that we had some good arc stuff, but the episode’s plot tailed off in the final third after a promising build-up. This time, the terrorist plot is strong, twisty and confusing, whilst Harry’s Folly continues to play out in subplot scenes.

Of course, the threat itself is ludicrous, they always are, but if that is a dealbreaker then you might be on the wrong programme. Everyone knows that if you want gritty, adult storytelling, go and watch Torchwood.

They manage to service their entire cast too, after basically leaving Ruth and Dimitri on the bench last week. In fact, fans of Dimitri will love this one; it could be his biggest episode since joining the cast. He doesn’t quite hit the wide-eyed emotional torment of previous handsome Spooks leading men, but it’s a good effort.

And with only three episodes left after this, who knows if he’ll get the chance again? At least his focus episode was one of the better ones, showcasing an interesting dilemma and some shamelessly convoluted plotting. I enjoyed this a lot, and hopefully you will too.

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