Spoiler-Free Advance Review: Series 10, Episode 2

As the new series of Spooks runs breathlessly into its second week, we see variation from the theme of “Harry + Ruth 4eva”, and thank god. That would have grown tiring over six episodes.

Instead, the rest of the cast get something to do, and Spooks takes one of its amusing diversions into topicality: a melodramatic take on the Wikileaks scandal. I’ll be giving spoiler free thoughts soon, but a light summary for the over-sensitive: Decent overall, interesting twists in the story arc, plot of this particular episode a little thin.


New spy Calum gets off to a good start by enabling a major security breach at the start of his second episode. And then we see Spooks take its usual approach to current issues: using them as an excuse for the usual surveillance, paranoia and histrionics.

Meanwhile, Harry’s past is coming back to haunt him again. I’ll give them credit, they aren’t dragging this storyline out as much as I expected. We see serious progression here, although obviously I’m not going to tell you what it is. At this rate, Harry Pearce will be dead/exposed/married to Ruth by episode five.

But although the subplots are zipping past, the primary storyline of this episode doesn’t really go anywhere. Most of it gets thrown to a later episode, in a very “early series six Doctor Who” fashion. There are mysterious developments towards the end, big ones, which hints that the truth, when it comes, is going to rock our socks, but that doesn’t leave much to do here.

Dimitri is also there. Despite arguably being the alpha male of the team this year, he does very little. Some things never change. But still, the show is marching towards an end. The events here promise to pay off in the future. Trust me, once you've seen this episode, you'll be desperate for the next one.

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