Sleepy Hollow: 1.08 - Necromancer

Spoilers for Episode Eight - don't read it if you don't want to know

The excellent episode seven concluded with the capture of the Headless Horseman, so what now? Well the advantage of meshing every genre known to man is that you can rely on any of those tried and tested formula in any one of them to give you a framework for any instalment. Given Sleepy Hollow is part police procedural, part ghost story, part time travel, part odd couple comedy and part conspiracy thriller, this week it could rely on the police procedural to interrogate their captive before realising, quite rightly, that keeping him caught was a very bad thing for the series.imageThankfully, the series has developed well enough now to have established its central characters and to know there is a fascination to both Ichabod, and the actor who plays him - unlikely heart throb Tom Mison. So we got more of his back-story as an illustration behind the main set-piece of the interrogation of the series key villain. We learnt that Ichabod's betrothal to his witchy wife, Katrina, came at the expense of his best friend to whom Katrina broke her engagement after she declared her love for Master Crane.

The interrogation itself was, as you can imagine, hampered by the suspect's deficit in the noggin department. To get around this, and with staggeringly bad judgement, Crane and Abbie got undead henchman John Cho to intermediate. Their teamwork, underscored by a fist bump at the episodes, then extended to further silliness by Abbie leaving the somewhat hyper-ventilating Crane with the Horseman and his henchman. Of course, power cuts kill the UV lights holding the horseman and Cho undoes the hex, leaving Ichabod face to chest with his nemesis.
"A dead guy, a mental patient and a time traveller from the revolution... That's our team"

The episode also marks the formation of a support team behind our two witnesses. Captain Irving's personal conversion to the cause came courtesy of the Horseman hunting him in the previous episode and, now, we have Jenny, Abbie's sister, on board - imagine Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2 only kick-ass and sexier. This enables the two stream plot structure beloved of American shows with Jenny and Irving backing up our central pairing.

Mison continues to have fun with his fish out of water comic moments and got a great Francophobic quip in this week as well as some priceless facial expressions. Nicole Beharie got the best gag (quoted above) and this illustrates that the show is now confident enough to get meta and have fun with its audience regarding the fantasy elements of the story.

The reveal of the Horseman's identity and a new focus on Katrina will shape the coming episodes. The series though goes from strength to strength and I am hopeful that the police procedural elements will continue to be optional and occasional rather than slipping into a lazy format. Given the size of the fantasy and the options open to the writers, lets keep building the relationships and not get settled as this is possibly the most entertaining of all of the new shows this year and quickly becoming a must-see every week.

Sleepy Hollow is shown in the UK on the Universal Channel on Wednesdays

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