Sherlock "His Last Vow"

2 years waiting for 6 and a half hours of television, was it worth it? Some would argue it was not, but personally, it most certainly was. Almost as fast as it started, series 3 of Sherlock is over, but what an ending. ‘His Last Vow’ felt like a rollercoaster of emotions with the revelations certainly hitting a mark with Mary Watson turning out to be a trained killer with a false identity, Sherlock being sent into exile (for all of about 4 minutes) and the return of Moriarty at the very end with a line that is sure to be repeated whilst we wait for series 4, “Did you miss me?”.


The episode focused on Charles Augustus Magnusson, a newspaper owner who knew the weakness of every important person in the western world, and the most dangerous psychopath Holmes and Watson have ever dealt with apparently. Obvious comparisons can be drawn between Magnusson and Rupert Murdoch which means one can’t help but wonder what Steven Moffat thinks of Mr Murdoch?


Another big plot point of the episode was the deception of John’s wife, Mary. It seems that until five years previously, she was an assassin who acquired the name Mary Morstan from a graveyard in Chiswick. It came down to a confrontation between John and Mary at Sherlock’s parents’ house in which John agrees to forgive her for her deceptions, with sterling performances coming from both Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington in these scenes.


And of course, the ending with Sherlock shooting Magnusson and being sent into a very temporary exile before Moriarty appears on every television screen in the country asking the people of Great Britain “Did you miss me?” a very satisfying conclusion to a very satisfying episode. We can live in hope that we find out how Moriarty survived before 2016 but with the increasingly busy schedules of Freeman & Cumberbatch, not to mention Moffat also running Doctor Who, it seems unlikely. But ultimately, Sherlock retains its title as one of the best TV shows of recent years through an incredibly satisfying third series even if we’re still not quite sure how Sherlock survived jumping off a building. But the question on everyone’s lips this time is… How did Moriarty survive a bullet to the head?

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