Reverie: 1.08 Despedida

Reverie went back to the standard case of the week - Mara entering the program of user who didn't want to leave - while offering something a little different again. This time it was an elderly woman Pilar Simonet (Anne Betancourt), relieving her days in Chile at the time of the Military coup of 1973. Rather than entering a dream world of her making, this was her attempt to relieve her greatest moment of her life before cancer took her.

By transforming herself into her younger self (played by Elena Tovar) we saw another way in which the Reverie program could manipulate the world around it. What was first presented as an attempt to reconnect with her one love Joaquin (Adrian Anchondo) soon developed into something grander - Pilar's attempts to recreate her dramatic rescue of four girls from military forces and lead them to the Chilean border. Mara misinterpreting Pilar's Reverie as a love story quickly changed the events of the past Pilar was relieving, forcing Mara to help her make a much more dangerous jailbreak and escape from armed forces. It certainly heightened the drama of it all, even if the soldiers they were escaping were such bad shots, they made their escape far easier than it should have been.

Both Betancourt as the older Pilar and Tovar as her younger self, brought a lot of passion and conviction to their roles and really helped sell the emotional drama of her story. While the angle of the Shady Pines director wanting to pull the plug on Pilar's Reverie was an uninteresting way to get Mara involved, the journey we saw Pilar relieve was far more engaging and the ending of Pilar being reunited with one of the grown up girls Elvia was a lovely conclusion to the story.

Elsewhere, we continued to see the mystery of Reverie 2.0's effects on Mara deepen. Paul and Alexis were still deeply troubled that the gunshot Mara received in the Reverie last episode caused physical bruising to her body, prompting Alexis to reach out to her old partner Oliver for advice. The presence of Jon Fletcher's Oliver makes for interesting viewing; I can't tell whether his mental state makes him an ally or villain, but buying the black market Reverie from corrupt security guard Leekly at the end is sure to cause trouble.

And then we have Mara herself. After restabilising a relationship with Chris, she returned home to find him waiting for her in her apartment. The call from Chris was a great twist, prompting the question of who or what the man was standing in front of her? He was obviously part of her mind (the flash to brother in law Ray in Chris's place proved that) but what it means for her own mental state continues to layer on mystery to her character and her involvement with Onira Tech moving forward.

This is perhaps the first time I've genuinely wanted to watch the next episode now; I've enjoyed the first season of Reverie but it's not been one I've thought of much after my reviews. But perhaps that might change as it heads into its final two episodes. This cool little sci-fi show has me intrigued to see what will happen next.

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