Resident Alien: 1.08 The End Of The World As We Know It

Resident Alien: 1.08 The End Of The World As We Know It

There was less humour and more drama this week as Harry, Asta and D'Arcy found themselves trapped in an icy ravine after the glacier collapsed around them. While D'Arcy struggled to climb to safety, The End Of The World As We Know It was a somewhat more intimate affair as Asta discovered Harry's true identity.

The relationship between Harry and Asta was the cornerstone of the first episode but has rarely been given the focus it deserves since. This episode rectified that, as Asta saw Harry's true form and was forced to help save him, even if meant putting her hands into a bloody breathing valve in his stomach, battling both hands and teeth, to do so.

The little revelations about his people offered a little awkward humour, from his many, many children to an attempt to tell her his real name. There was even a hint that she might be realising his true mission after his commentary on Earth hinted that its fate was doomed. I found her determination to save him, to look beyond their differences hugely endearing. It was something she clearly gets from her father, who - after a brief shock - got to work helping to save Harry after she brought him to the restaurant.

There was plenty of tension and drama too as D'Arcy navigated the steep ice wall to save everyone. Again, there was little room for comedy, a brief video message to all her lovers aside, but it certainly developed her character. Coupled with the flashbacks to her injuries, the episode did an effective job of conveying the strength of her character.

Off the slopes of the mountain, the rest of the episode was less engaging. I didn't really find the rivalry between the mayor and Sheriff all that funny, though there were attempts here to do some work with both characters. The sheriff recognising Dan's very real concerns about his daughter and agreeing to help, offered the first hint of humility and compassion beneath that arrogant, irritating exterior. Similarly, Ben's attempts to take charge in his relationship with his wife offered some amusing scenes where he abandoned his love of steak for escargot. I would have preferred the episode had kept its focus on Asta and Harry, but I appreciate the character work for two characters that have been irritating or bland to date.

With the psychopathic Lisa and her unwitting partner David now closing in on Harry's trail, the truth revealed to Asta and her father and a gruesome cliff-hanger (will it grow back????), the stakes are raised going into the final two episodes of season one. Thankfully, the just confirmed season two, means there is plenty more humour and drama to come from Resident Alien...

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