Resident Alien: 1.07 The Green Glow

Resident Alien: 1.07 The Green Glow

"I would grow a moustache. But then I'd have to get a job as a firefighter. Or a paedophile."

The fact that we actually got a scene with Harry in full alien make up wearing a fake moustache shows just how funny Resident Alien could be. And this was the funniest episode yet. After a couple of more dramatic - but less humorous instalments - The Green Glow capitalised on what the show does best; Harry's attempts to fit in with humanity and his rivalry with Max.

The cliff-hanger to last week's episode was dealt with swiftly. Isabelle had cottoned on to the fact that Harry was drugging her and followed him to the location of the missing craft. Fortunately, this twist saved Harry's life as he was no longer an alien suspect but half of a married couple's squabble, as he searched for space like all frustrated husbands do on TV.

With that, Isabelle was gone and Harry was hungry because she was no longer there to cook those little chickens he likes. Cue a descent into drink and drugs in a hilarious scene where Harry was confronted by the the real Harry, now decaying and angry that the alien has stolen his house and his life. This episode really made the most of Alan Tudyk's comedic performance and this time there was two for one. The fake out of Harry still dreaming after 'waking up' was a fun touch. The sequence where Harry imagined his various career options was hilarious too; bald, tattoo artists Harry was badass!

This led to Harry sinking into a eight hour-arcade game playing session as he found himself over qualified to work at the local bowling alley. Cue D'Arcy, who's plan to solve his issues with weed led to another brilliant scene as the two of them and Asta cut the ultimate munchies at a Chinese restaurant and Harry communed with one of his kin. It was never made clear whether the talking octopus in the fish tank really was another alien, but it was pretty funny to watch. It was also nice to see Asta have some fun too.

Harry and Mike's rivalry-turned truce took a new direction, after the kid's ability to see the green glow on Harry's alien tech led them on a search to find the final part of Harry's missing device. All it took was Harry convincing Mike's parents and new doctor Ethan that Mike wasn't crazy and didn't need to be sent away.

Even in a comedy series like this, I found the idea that Mike's parents might send him away a little ridiculous. More interesting was Ethan's willingness to go along with Harry's original diagnosis and then immediately change his mind the moment Harry told him he had made a mistake. There is something somewhat odd about the new doctor; is he an alien too? That might be too close to Michael Cassidy's role on People of Earth (unless playing aliens pretending to be charismatic men in is something Cassidy has become typecast as?)

I continue to detest Sheriff Mike Thompson. I get that he's supposed to be irritating, but he is not funny in the slightest. Corey Reynolds brings his all to the role, but the sheriff is a horrible addition to the series. For all the wonderful humour Tudyk brings to Resident Alien, the Sheriff brings it down again. I really hope he exits the show soon, particularly when Deputy Liv continues to prove herself; how wonderful was it to see her stand up to him finally?

Once again, we had another big cliff-hanger. As Harry found the final part of the alien device in the glacier and D'Arcy and Asta raced to stop him, the ice crack and they all went crashing into the abyss. It was a fun hook for next week's episode.

The Green Glow was Resident Alien's best episode yet. It was certainly the funniest. Any show that can make me laugh out loud several times an episode is always a good thing.

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