Resident Alien: 1.06 Sexy Beast

Resident Alien: 1.06 Sexy Beast

Things got more complicated for Harry this week. He has a general (played by the always brilliant Linda Hamilton) tracking him down, a wife that's stopping him from completing his mission and he's been replaced by a new, more dashing doctor. There were fewer laughs again this week and sadly no Mike and Sahar, but there was still plenty to enjoy. While Resident Alien could be funnier, it's still fun TV.

'Sexy beast' Harry (self proclaimed because he's a man that works with tools), had to find new and inventive ways to deal with Isabelle. Which worryingly involved lots of sleeping pills in her coffee. I'm concerned that this is all going to go downhill fast. I assumed his discovery of a human sex life might change his outlook, but he's still determined to eliminate the human race and even she can't stop him.

On a side note, Harry describing having sex with Isabelle might be one of the funniest and most cringe-worthy moments on the show to date.

New doctor Ethan (Michael Cassidy) certainly had more charisma, good looks and skill as a doctor, all of which spur Harry into retaliating. I find it odd that Resident Alien has already shaken things up by making Harry the outsider; some of the best humour was derived from him 'fitting in'. His role as town doctor could have been milked for the entirety of the season's run. Narratively speaking there's little to keep him there outside of his mission, to find the missing parts - which was again resolved this week. Certainly the show isn't afraid to keep up a good pace, but I am concerned that the show's best concept, a true fish out of water storyline, has already reached the end of its run.

Harry's rivalry with Ethan was certainly amusing though, even if this fizzled out long before the credits. Instead we saw D'Arcy try to get over her attraction to Harry by having a one night stand with Ethan and some deeper exploration of the Sam murder mystery that has been bubbling away since the first episode. The sheriff is still terribly unfunny and bordering on irritating and offensive; his scene where he played good and bad cop to interrogate a school kid suspected of selling drugs fell completely flat. Though once again, his failings allowed deputy Liv to shine. Her own murder wall investigation yielded answers and her growing confidence each episode is a delight to watch. There was less of the Harry-Asta bond this week, though their bonding over their shared weirdness as they said goodbye was endearing.

Resident Alien seems to be shifting gear as it heads into the second half of its 10-episode run. Linda Hamilton's general was given an intriguing back story and mission and could be a formidable force in the episodes ahead. We got some explanation behind the mission of Alex Barima's David Logan and Mandell Maughan's ruthless Lisa Casper, who have uncovered Harry's invisible ship and lured him into a trap. There was a great hook for the next episode and I'm hoping we get one or two surprises as the military take on Harry (my money is on another character being an undercover alien too).

While not the strongest episode, Sexy Beast added some intriguing new elements and expanded the scope of the show. I just hope it doesn't loose its best element - Alan Tudyk's fish out of water performance - in the process.

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