Resident Alien: 1.04 Birds of a Feather

Resident Alien: 1.04 Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather had the perfect mix of everything that makes Resident Alien so enjoyable. Harry vs his arch nemesis Max in a very awkward dinner party come date with D'Arcy and some much needed development of the bond between Harry and Asta. And humour. Lots of humour. This was definitely the funniest episode yet.

Opening with a hilarious dream sequence to the Cheers theme, we saw a world in which Harry could be accepted as an alien, living in Colorado with his alien wife and very cute alien child, before a delivery of the doomsday device saw an apocalypse unleashed on the town, killing everyone. Except the dogs. It seems dogs will survive the upcoming Armageddon.

However, it seems Harry is starting to bond with humanity a little too well, even if he still wants to kill Max at the first opportunity he gets. It's great to see him slipping further and further away from his mission each week; this was the first episode where he wasn't actively searching for parts of his ship or the doomsday device. I think it's safe to say he won't be unleashing Armagaeddon any time soon.

While a little contrived, the dinner was a lot of fun, with Max playing mind games as his accomplice Sahara stole Harry's keys as part of a covert mission to uncover the alien's true purpose. Judah Prehn and Gracelyn Away Rinke are two of the best performers on the show, running rings around the adult cast and measuring up against Alan Tudyk's very funny lead performance.

Once again, Tudyk's delivery was spot on, inappropriately revealing the identity of Asta's 16 year old daughter to her family or finding his genitals 'dying' after a particularly disastrous first kiss with D'Arcy. He continues to play Harry as fun and endearing, despite his darker agenda for being on Earth. There was even a deeper moment of understanding behind his motivations, in a starlight conversation with Asta which revealed the fate of his dead wife back on his own planet.

The show is starting to develop the supporting cast too. Alice Wetterlund's D'Arcy became a much more well rounded character, as we began to understood the failures that brought her back to the small Colorado town. Elizabeth Bowen's Deputy Liv is starting to gain her confidence. The deputy and his wife are still rather bland, but we did get an amusing scene where D'Arcy revealed her past with Ben, which was very funny, particularly Kate's reaction.

Birds of a Feather also gave us quite the ending; between two unconscious kids in duffle bags and the appearance of the real Harry's wife, there sure to plenty of darkly comic drama next week. This was an episode where it felt as if all the elements were coming together. Bigger laughs and bigger character development are making Resident Alien a rather fun watch indeed.

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