Resident Alien: 1.03 Secrets

Resident Alien: 1.03 Secrets

"Not knowing fear allowed me to make bold fashion choices."

Harry's place on Earth is certainly getting more perilous. There's the real dead Harry floating in the lake and the foot has already been discovered, sitting in a bucket of ice in the Sheriff's office. His arch nemesis - ten year old Max - has now recruited a new friend from school to help him expose the alien in their midst and the two people who discovered the body lying on the invisible craft last episode have now picked up his trail. Are they fellow aliens or just violent, murdering UFO nuts? It's not clear at this stage.

But hey, at least Harry looks good in a cowboy hat. Seriously, we need more of alien Harry's wearing a stetson and riding a horse this season.

I'm really enjoying the show and that's largely down to the dark, oddbeat humour of Alan Tudyk's performance. He continues to find the line between kooky and weird and his continued exploration of humanity is a joy to watch. This week he learned what circumcision is, realised he has spent far too much time watching Law and Order and managed to evade the ruthless gaze of the (sadly still overall irritating) Sheriff, even successfully hiding the real Harry's body from the police after it washed up on shore.

There was less of Harry's relationships with Asta and Max this episode, but more time was spent developing the supporting cast. As annoying as her boss is, I'm really warming to Elizabeth Bowen's deputy Liv and there was a fun sub plot concerning Asta and D'Arcy going to a party of an ex, only to discover it was D'Arcy ex's teenage son's party instead. Some characters like the mayor need work, but the show is starting to feel more well rounded, with Asta in particular, becoming more essential each week. I just wish there was more of her and Harry after the solid foundation of the pilot episode.

There's a great mystery concerning the two 'UFO nuts' and Harry's observations on human life continue to bring the laughs. With the ticking clock of humanity's extinction in the mix, there's plenty of dark humour to be mined from the concept in the weeks ahead.

Just keep the hat...

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