Remember Me

Well that wasn’t what you expect from a Sunday night drama. Usually they’re all about relaxing, getting you ready for bed and easing into the working week. Think Lewis or Vera on ITV, or something like Larkrise To Candleford or Call The Midwife on the Beeb. Nice, comforting, warm Sunday night telly. In a nice case of subverting the expected Remember Me was scary. Really scary. Foreboding poorly lit houses, loud unknown noises, portentous faces from Michael Palin, it was unsettling and atmospheric. Cue hairs raised on the back of necks around the UK.

The story, as it is so far, revolves around Palin as the gruff Yorkshire elder statesman Tom Parfitt and his past. Or so the script is leading us. Having engineered himself a place in a nursing home, overseen a death, and carried around an empty suitcase Parfitt is the key to everything that happens. Glimpses of photographs (a boy, British ruled India), a seashell with a life of its own, dripping taps, hidden rooms, strange noises, and effective use of Scarborough Fair are all designed to give the audience the heebie jeebies; and boy they do their job well.

Outside the supernatural though is care home worker Hannah, played by Jodie Comer. She is at the core of the scares and jumps, both in Parfitt’s empty house - surely anyone normal would have left when the piano started playing itself? - and in her own house with her mother still depressed over the death of her father. Her youth and innocence rachet up the scary levels even further, she’s a character you can worry about, even if she makes strange choices at times.

Whilst this might not be what Sunday nights are about it’s refreshing to have a proper scary TV show, one based on a good old fashioned ghost story. Frankly TV isn’t made like this anymore.

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