Prison Break 5.08: Progeny

So here we are at the last but one Prison Break ever...or so we hope. Being in the 'golden age' of TV at the moment, this season simply hasn't been good enough. With the advent of streaming and binge watching some shows thrive and some wilt and die. Prison Break Season Five is in the latter category unfortunately, a dinosaur of a TV show, best suited to the old narrative structures of 24 episode seasons. Having a run of 9 episodes is simply not enough to tell an effective story.

We left our country hoping gang last week floating on the ocean and they are rescued by a fishing boat which takes them to Marseille, France where Michaels first thoughts are to get in touch with Sara and find out the lay of the land. He decides to make his way to the US by way of Luca Abruzzi, son of John Abruzzi (Peter Stormare), and his smuggling operation. It's another way the writer's of the show crowbar in another reference to a character from the previous, better, few seasons. Michael and Lincoln enlist C-Note and Sheba to get rid of Luca's gang and then convince them to leave the conflict. Another poorly written scene plays out, clearly not written from a character driven perspective but one from just trying to get the characters written out as the actors have finished for the week and have better things to go back to.

Lincoln and Michael go ahead with their plan to take down 21-Void, all on their lonesome of course because that's a good plan, ending up at a lakehouse in Michigan where Michael finally reunites with Mike but it soon turns out that it is all a ruse by Jacob to lure him to the spot. A gunfight ensues. This was all done better in Homeland. Lakehouse shootouts are not Prison Break material. Lincoln is also found and shot.

Before the above Whip is sent to Chicago to meet with T-Bag. In previous reviews I have made note of how wonderful it is to see and hear the character of T-Bag back in this world. He truly is the storyline that keeps me coming back each week. Well this week they truly fumble the ball bigtime. We find out that Whip is actually the son of T-Bag, groan. What a generic and inspid conclusion to the storyline. T-Bag is a criminal, a one man team, calculating and vicious. Putting this on him is a dreadful choice and a poorly written one at that. As the episode ends we find out the analyst Theroux is a double agent and Van Gogh is having second thoughts about Jacobs methods and decides to leave after the Michael scenario is finished.

Through this 9 episodes event series the episodes are progressively getting worse and worse and as a viewer I feel like I'm in prison but can't get out. One more episode next week and we are free... Some things you want and when you get them you realise you didn't actually want them or need them. Prison Break is just that for me.

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