Preacher: 2.06 Sokosha

The following review contains spoilers for the sixth episode of Preacher season two.

If you are a fan of Preacher who, like myself, likes to recommend the show to friends looking for something new, there's a very good chance that your sales pitch will reference Sokosha at least once. Thanks to some ultra-tense showdowns with the Saint of Killers and an awesome new element of world-building, this latest outing erases the sins of last week's retrospective, momentum-killing episode by putting the pedal to the metal.

You might ask, how does one stop a soulless demon cowboy who cuts down innocents with pistol and saber and is feared by Satan himself? The answer, you ignorant fools, is the solution to all of life's problems: go to a library. And so we find a preacher armed with the Word of God, a murderous Texan gal, and a junkie vampire doing some old-school research. It was a great way to build some backstory in a way that gives us the required information in a short period of time while providing a change of pace. Also, the actual panels from the Preacher comic were a nice touch.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the episode was the revelation that souls can be taken out of and put in the body. Apparently, it's located in the leg, can be made into an edible capsule by a centrifuge, and is classified in specific types like blood. There's even a brilliant bit of dialogue between Jesse and an old-school soul salesman that lets us know that corporations are even killing small business in the soul marketplace.

Jesse has to make a difficult decision to keep the Saint from killing his friends, extracting one percent of his own soul. It's kind of sad that all the Saint wants to do is be reunited with his family, but he is also a horrific, murderous monster, so Jesse's deception really doesn't look that bad on his part. And the fact that the Saint's death isn't shown on-screen makes me think that he'll eventually make his return.

Sokosha had several big moments that will have major repercussions in the episodes to follow. How will Tulip's contact with the Saint change her? Is Jesse's emotionless expression at the end of the episode the result of his loss of soul? And will that soul-selling company exact revenge for their loss of incredibly valuable property? The answers to that question are most definitely, for sure, and you betcha.

One last thing: the reveal that Dennis is Cassidy's son is a touching reveal that makes a lot of sense. Cassidy has always been a well-balanced mix of humor and heart, and seeing his genuine care for his ailing child is the emotional centerpiece of the episode. Leave it to Preacher to have a tragic representation of regretful absentee fathers in the midst of demonic Civil War veterans and spirit merchants.

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