Power: 6.10 No One Can Stop Me

Power: 6.10 No One Can Stop Me

Power's midseason finale dropped worldwide tbis week and it was a big one - spoilers ahead.

No One Can Stop Me was the very apt theme of the episode - supporting a very confident and accomplished James St. Patrick - now completely 'legit' and free from his alter ego 'Ghost'. Despite this title, we saw James ironically at his most vulnerable. The episode was very much focused and lead by Omari Hardwick as his character James interacted with many characters throughout the installment - including some 'ghosts'; Angela, Kanan and Raina. James' vulnerability is evident in these appearances and his interactions with all other current characters, James is emotionally attached to all of them in some way.

Whilst managing James' vulnerability, Power does a masterful job of running parallel; the background story arc of James giving many of the characters motive to kill him. In each interaction James says 'No one can stop me' and as predictable as it was - it tied perfectly with the building of the episode finale and cliffhanger.

Omari Hardwick delivered all of James St. Patrick's highs and vulnerabilities exquisitely - boasting one of his best performances in what could be his last. For all Power's well orchestrated scenes, be it action-filled or deep in emotion, it always delivers a perfectly apt soundtrack to fuel the moment and heighten the impact - 'Remember' by Seinabo Say (Ft. Jacob Banks) was a particularly appropriate choice to accompany James' most vulnerable moments through the episode.

The final moments of No One Can Stop Me saw James St. Patrick fall from a balcony of his nightclub after being shot - If it his end then that actually is quite a fitting location. Power opted with hiding the shooter from viewers which has created a very cliché 'Who Shot Ghost?' debacle. It's practically free publicity, as fans will be debating this until the final five episodes air from January 2020. An argument could be made to say it was a predictable ending and weak in complexity - but actually the episode orchestrated that finale brilliantly; building up all the right tension and setting up all the right motives for every character.

There are many theories floating around as to who could have done it - with culprits rangin from Tasha, Tariq, Dre, Saxe, Tate, Bianca and Paz. It is important to note that this new conversation trend 'Who Shot Ghost?' is not 'Who Killed Ghost?' and it is still unclear what James had 2-bit do off the back of the phone call. James is a master of staying ahead and perhaps no one can stop him - time well certainly tell. Another theory put forward was that it was 'Breeze' who James stated to Tariq he killed when he was his age because he "got in the way of his future" - a hint to suggest Tariq will emulate that same path because 'Breeze' was in fact James' father - making the scene with his uncle more relevant. There are many interesting takes on how it will pan out - many of which can be found online via social media #PowerTV.

Fans will experiences four episodes inspired by Rashomon, a 1950's Jidaigeki film directed by Akira Kurosawa - a film where the plot follows four different characters who provide an alternative and contradictory version of what happened. I suspect only then will we find who did it; if anyone did do it and perhaps more ambitiously; has James outsmarted them all for good?

TV series endings is a sensitive subject - you need only look at the Game of Thrones backlash to realise the pressure that comes with wrapping up a show and ultimately the Power writers will not please everyone.  But Power embraces that challenge with its return on 5th January next year.

Power (2014–)
Dir: N/A | Cast: Joseph Sikora, Naturi Naughton, Omari Hardwick, Shane Johnson | Writer: Courtney A. Kemp

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