Power: 6.09 Scorched Earth

Power: 6.09 Scorched Earth

It could be said that Power's week break came at a good time given all the drama that has arisen in the US when Comcast announced they would be dropping Starz (which carries the show) from their cable television service - making, it much harder for fans there to see the show. This led to some of its biggest names, namely 50 Cent and Joseph Sikora, pleading to fans on social media to complain and sign petitions to get the decision reversed.

In more positive news, Power's final season is split in two, which seems to be an increasingly popular feature with US TV shows. Power will see out the usual ten episodes in 2019 and a final five episodes to wrap up the show in early 2020.

Scorched Earth was the calm before the storm in some ways; it had some big, dramatic moments but mainly set the scene for something far larger. It managed it beautifully, as the episode came to a close I was left gagging to see more. Allegiances are at an all-time low and more-so than ever Power is giving off a 'nobody is safe' vibe, though isn't that obvious? Everyone is dropping like flies!

The episode delivered one of the sbow's best and biggest turn of events. When you look back at the journey of James St. Patrick, if you could pick two people he would categorically not want to have a feud with or put in a life or death situation with, it would be his 'brother' Tommy and his son Tariq; yet here he stands with death threats from both. Scorched Earth felt like a final nail in the coffin for his relationship with Tariq; there is no more James can say that's not been said and that attack on Tasha was the spark to ignite the fire for both her and Tariq in their decision to take James out.

It is truly unpredictable how it will play out. James is so close to his all-time high in becoming lieutenant governor; parallel to that is his all-time low with Tommy, Tasha, Tariq and Tate all after him - not to mention Saxe and Det. Rodriguez finding the body of Terry Silver. It becomes more of a battle for James with each passing episode and progressively harder to see a happy ending for him. The writers are doing a great job in building that suspense continuously throughout the final season.

Scorched Earth saw the death of Jason which, given his stature and appearances, felt rushed. It wasn't helped by his lack of appearance in the previous episode. With the control he has had over Tommy and Ghost over the course of two seasons, the build up and impact of his death should have been bigger and better. The same can be said for the death of Benny; a character hyped up to be a man you don't trifle with, someone scary enough to make Vincent back down and even make Tommy quiver. Benny brought a knife to a one-on-one fight with Tommy and that was a poor character decision. But that said, it was disappointing to see this hyped character fall so soon without actually having any real impact on the story.

With the cops turning up the heat on Tommy and James, and with so few alliances between the characters remaining - each passing episode is snowballing  so next week's half-way finale, which is destined to throw up a corker.

Power (2014–)
Dir: N/A | Cast: Joseph Sikora, Naturi Naughton, Omari Hardwick, Shane Johnson | Writer: Courtney A. Kemp

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