Peaky Blinders: 3.06

The final episode of Peaky Blinders and all things are coming to a head. The powerful priest reveals the full extent of his intentions and makes sure he collects collateral and guarantees from Tommy Shelby to ensure his will be done. Endless pressure builds on Tommy as he tries to make sure everything is done that he needs. That his son and wider family are safe, that his business continues, to find a way to stop the priests interference without it costing him everything. All this with a snake amidst their number, revealing information, threatening the plans. Of course, that snake might not be within the family.
Betrayal is very much the order of the day, from all sides, and not always where expected. It's good to see the show can continue to surprise with its twists and turns. The final betrayal especially threw everyone asunder, characters and viewers alike. All the cards are thrown up in the air, and nobody knows how or where they'll land. Apart from Tommy. He hopes.

Season three has been not only a return to form, but a return to the successful concepts of the past seasons. Tommy's history as a digger, his love of family, his desire to give back to the community, Arthur's lack of place, higher powers that seek to subvert, Tom Hardy. All brought together with a care that may not have been as present in the second season. This time series writer Stephen Knight has pulled all the strong together masterfully, to create compelling TV. The music has been a great fit, well blended to suit the tone, and the visuals have been, as ever, spot on. The BBC know they have a winner here, with two more seasons planned in, and they're not leaving anything to chance. But it's an investment that's paid off.

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