Peaky Blinders: 3.04

There's a safe full of money, integral to Tommy and Polly's plans, to Shelby plans. Shelves stacked with reams and reams of cash, and again and again we're shown the safe it resides in, the investment that will set up the Shelby's forever. Tommy, Arthur, more and more of the family are looking for a new life, a clean life, safe and secure and legal. Once can't help but think that something awful is going to happen to all that money, sending the whole family spiralling back to the streets. No more stately homes and stag hunts...

Polly though has her mind elsewhere. When she's not thinking about her fancy man the painter, or her own guilt, she's starting to listen to Arthur's pious wife. Linda has no interest in the family's illegal activities, and encourages the ladies of the family out on strike. Sidelined by the menfolk for too long, they take to the streets in a marvellously scored segment.
The Grand Duchess Isabella, ever-manipulating, has another string to her bow: Her niece Tatiana. A messenger, a distraction, a temptress and a smart operator on her own. A replacement for Grace so soon? Tommy seems almost ready for it, but is the audience? Even Tommy and Tatiana agree they have nothing in common, other than being as crazy as each other, and a wealth that one was born into and one wrestled from the world around him. It'll be interesting to see where this will go, between his family strife, and his intended robbery of her family.

The strong women on season three are presented in a very different way to season two; Linda, Tatiana, Isabella, the new entrants are intriguing and well-respected by Tommy. Polly, Esme, Ada and the Shelby women also come across well, though they are perhaps somewhat broken by the events of their past.

This episode has been a blinder, if you'll excuse the term. Well-balanced, exciting, with twists and turns and high drama. The shadows of the previous season have been well left behind, and even amidst the wealth of their current new life, and the inter-governmental power plays, this once again feels like the Shelby family drama.

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