Peaky Blinders: 3.03

At the start to last week's episode, Grace had been shot as part of a feud with the Italians. It didn't look fatal in the closing shot of the previous episode but, sadly, Grace is no more. It feels somewhat anti-climactic; her shooting was so dramatic, and beautifully shot. We're not given the funeral to grieve though, and of course, Tommy happy doesn't work for this show; this feud is sure to escalate, dramatically.

The family is strained to nigh-breaking point. Arthur and John are adrift without a rudder or compass, separated from legitimate operations, the bin men of the operation. Tommy seems equally so, but while he may seem adrift to the others, even grieving he has his compass firmly in hand. He heads to Wales by caravan, stopping only for a touching speech of love and remembrance to his young son Charlie. The purpose of the trip? To have a gypsy wise woman put his mind at ease regarding his wife's cursed sapphire.
The business of curses and revenge settled, it's time to return to the larger business at hand: Guns and government, conspiracies and corruption. Tommy seems much more at ease now, much more himself; a shark amidst lesser predators. Except, as noted of late, for the Grand Duchess; powerful player and easily Tommy's equal in dangerousness. And as predators, they recognise each other.

Tommy has his eye firmly set on expansion to the US, to Boston. With the news that Peaky Blinders has been renewed for two more seasons, we hope he makes it. So far season three has exceeded the second, even with the absence of Tom Hardy.

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