Past Imperfect

I found this an odd episode. There’s two plotlines, as is often the case for Warehouse 13, and even though I knew I was supposed to be paying close attention to both, the only one that really captured my imagination was the ‘A’ plotline, with Myka and Pete. Quite by chance, Myka spots Leo, the man who murdered her ex-partner Sam. Although she can’t catch him after giving chase, it opens up a window into her past – and I’m always more interested in Myka and Pete than in other aspects of the show.


Noticing Leo is very good at escaping, Myka and Pete suspect the use of an artifact and they go back to re-examine the case Sam was working on at the time of his death. Going through his effects, with predictable emotional impact, Myka discovers an audio file hidden in a card – on it is a conversation with Leo and another man, where they discuss getting rid of Sam. Myka realises that a conspiracy was at play, she goes back to Sam’s office to confront his co-workers and the artifact is revealed – it’s an instrument from the USS Eldridge that can freeze time for just under a minute for everyone bar the user. With Sam’s death avenged and the case solved, Myka achieves a sense of closure.


And now to the ‘B’ storyline. Jinks and Claudia are on a simple artifact ‘bag and tag’ but after locating the artifact they’re hit with poison darts and collapse to the ground. They awake to find a dog licking them and no sign of the artifact they went to collect. Returning to the Warehouse, with the dog that woke them, Artie attempts to read the dog’s mind through a psychic connection involving a couple of fezzes (yes, fezzes ARE cool, even on dogs). When the connection completes, the dog’s mind yields the license plate of the car that drove off with the stolen artifact. And we learn, perhaps unsurprisingly, that FBI Agent Stukowski appears to be behind the theft…

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