Over There: Part 1

Wow. What a fabulous episode. The second part of this particular story, and final episode of the season, will have to go some to turn out better than this. Granted, the story will be a continuation of this, and presumably have a climax – that should guarantee it top billing. But, here we saw the reveal of the alterniverse. The whole of it. Not just Walternate, who we’d met (Secretary of Defence by the way), but Olivia’s doppelganger (Ginger and acting like a party chick, with, crucially, a boyfriend and happy life), Broyles version 2 and a still-alive Charlie (no cake to be seen though Portal fans).

Let’s take a step back. Last week Peter was visited by his father – Walternate – and it transpires, offered the chance to go home. He chooses to, despite being told he’ll not be able to come back to our world if he does so. Our Walter is made aware of this, theorises something bad will happen to Peter and concurrently is told by Dunham how an Observer left her a note showing fire emanating from Peter’s eyes...of course, Walter surmises that Peter will be responsible for the end of the world. Operation Over There begins; Walter suggests passage could be possible given a high enough local concentration of Cortexaphan kids, which is handy given that Massive Dynamic are teaching some (as it turns out) to cope with their powers – the cancerous killer of the past now cures diseases, the suicidal Nick is happy and controls emotions when he wants and we also meet a female pyrokinetic. We’re good to go over there.

A big shout out to John Noble (again) here. He is the finest actor working on this show. He is one of the best actors I have seen working this year on TV (not comprehensive, granted) – second I think, only to Gregory Itzin (Charles Logan in 24) – and in this episode gets to show us two different versions of the same character as Walternate is integral to the plot. He is Walter minus mental health problems plus organisational discipline and a touch of evil. Fabulous.

Peter meets his mother – she survives in this world – which was great to see given I’ve been asking for it since we saw the episode entitled ‘Peter’. She, above all others, deserved her son back. She handed a sick Peter to Walter (ours) years ago only to find out he was her Walternate and had taken Peter forever (despite giving the gift of life in the form of treatment of his terminal illness). She and Peter shared some fine moments and the pair of them was clearly wonderfully happy to have this chance to see each other once more.

Peter is the key to a puzzle given to him by his Father – some blueprints for a machine. Probably the one which brings the downfall of each of the two worlds as per our Walter’s fear (Peter ending the world). I presume the conclusion of this particular story will involve Peter realising what’s going on, either independently or with the help of Walter and in so doing will achieve true enlightenment as to the intent of his father, Walternate. I’m guessing he is not a good guy all things considered. Otherwise how could they satisfy viewers when our Walter gets ‘his’ Peter back? He will, of course. He has to. The only question is will it be this series?

The end of this episode and where we’re stuck until next week is the appearance of Belly when he sneaked up on Dunham. Walter’s in danger. Meanwhile, Walternate is obtaining some tech from a room which makes me think of the Ark of the Covenant storage. What’s coming next?

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