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Episode three begins with a focus on Tyrell Wellick. The complicated executive, to his fury, does not get the CTO position vacated due to the activities of fsociety. A fury he only has one release for: a one-sided fight club where he pays a homeless guy money to be his human punching bag.

It seems there's another hacker group, less 'benevolent'? Perhaps the Dark Army alluded to previously. Manipulating Elliot's childhood friend and colleague Angela, and her idiot cheating boyfriend. Sometime allies to fsociety, it's possible they'll end up as a wider antagonist.

At the end of the last episode, Mr Robot 'pushed' Elliot off the pier, presumably to make some kind of point. Maybe that you can't really know yourself unless you've committed dangerous self-injury? Or maybe it's just so we can recreate the scene in Fight Club where Norton goes to work looking beaten up.

Ignoring this flirtation, Elliot resists Mr Robot's advances and tries to live a 'normal' life. But there's no escaping it, no escaping the inexorable orbit of fsociety, and the predations of E(vil) Corp. So when fsociety publishes information linking the corporation to the death of parents of Angela and Elliot, he returns to the fold, more than fully engaged.
An ongoing theme of Mr Robot is Elliot's use of morphine. He uses it in controlled amounts to calm his social anxieties and depression, initially coupled with suboxone to counteract withdrawal, all in an attempt to avoid dependency.

However, things take a turn for the worst when he shops Fernando Vera, the supplier to Shayla, his dealer and sometime girlfriend. A dangerous element is removed from the streets, but Elliot is removed from his source of suboxone; all at a time when there are manifold pressures upon him. And so his dependency grows without the ability to counteract it, with side effects galore. Always just one more hit, to get through an important day. He'll quit tomorrow...
Sometimes the withdrawal is portrayed as a nightmare, sometimes the high as a spirit journey, a path to enlightenment; a single-serving freeing of the mind.

Mr Robot continues to impress. But, much as I said the heavy referencing of tropes, themes and imagery from other movies worked, I hope the schtick doesn't wear thin.

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