Marvel's Agents of SHIELD: 5.05 Rewind

There’s no doubt about it, the highlight from last episode was by far the final 30 seconds that showed the return of Fitz. He was the only agent not to be taken from the diner and transported into the future. Arguably, his character ( and perhaps Mack as well) is going through the most emotional turmoil. During his time in the Framework he was the head of Hydra, and responsible for a whole host of terrible acts, including the death of his boss Jeffrey Mace. Still, having all those memories and knowing that an evil person is deep within him is troubling, and then to all of a sudden have his friend and lover Jemma taken away, makes for dramatic television.

This episode gets to the nitty gritty as to what happened, spending the entire time showing the events leading up to Fitz talking to Kasius. Being told from Fitz’s perspective I thought would become tedious and make me long for closure on the rest of the team, but truthfully, I would have been happy for this to last two or three episodes, it was that good. Virtually every question I could think of was answered in this episode; who was the weird alien guy at the beginning of episode one? How did the team get to where they are? What happened to Fitz? All these and more are answered in a non-glossy fashion; it makes sense and is slowly delivered allowing time for the information to be digested.

After the devastation the Framework caused was over, Coulson and crew knew they were wanted by the government for the death of General Talbot by an LMD (life model decoy) of Daisy. Instead of being arrested they were suddenly taken and from Fitz’s point of view they vanished in the blink of an eye. Shortly after, Fitz alone gets arrested, interrogated and taken to prison. Being as surprised as the government agents, he manages to convince them to let him help find his friends, but let’s face it he’s mainly looking for Jemma. You have to feel some sympathy for these two, they’re always separated by something; Hydra, space, injuries, and now time.

Working on finding his friends, we learn that Fitz has been in prison for six months. He has asked only for books, notepads and a TV so he can watch football (or soccer as it’s called in America). He’s doing this as a decoy in order to send letters to a magazine, reaching out to an old friend, who turns out to be Agent Hunter, arriving to bust Fitz out. The dynamic these two have was great in past seasons, and this hasn’t changed one bit, their chemistry is fantastic and performance levels match.

Together they track the weird alien dude with spare sets of skin mentioned in Orientation. Turns out he is a centuries old alien called Enoch sent to observe humanity. This leads them to Robin, an Inhuman whose father, also Inhuman, had the ability to see a person’s death. Robin can tell the future and foretold the destruction of earth. Her prophecy was the reason the team were sent to what we now know is the year 2091, to somehow stop it from happening; Fitz was left behind as he is supposed to save them from their predicaments.

With the help of Enoch, they break back in to the military facility Fitz was being held in, to steal the capsule Enoch arrived in is, Fitz can use this as a cryo chamber and sleep for about 70 years, awake and help his friends. The episode ends with Fitz waking up in the future, greeted by Enoch, who hands him the helmet he took off last episode, and explains he will have to dig deep in order to fit in. By the look on his face, you can tell Fitz knows he has to draw on the inner bad guy he was in the Framework. This makes the future a bit more interesting, mainly for his emotional state.

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, it was informative and entertaining, yet still had an air of mystery surrounding it. It quickly answered what happened to the team and where Fitz fits in to the mix. It’s made the future that much more exciting, not just knowing that Fitz is there, but knowing that he has his friends’ signature weapons with him. A lot of times throughout these five seasons, there’s been stories that I’ve found to be farfetched and a bit out there, even to Marvel’s standards. This however flowed nicely, didn’t have too much alien mumbo jumbo and made sense. Ok there is still one area that confuses me; how would sending the person who destroys the Earth into the future prevent it from happening? Also if she is in the future and was sent there prior to the event how could she cause it? These are all things that make me more excited for the next instalment.

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