Marvel's Agents of SHIELD: 5.06 Fun & Games

After the excitement of the last episode, Fun & Games had a lot to live up to. We went a week without determining May’s fate after her run in with Sinara, and now with Fitz well and truly back in the picture, this was sure to have that WOW factor. Fortunately, it was another highly entertaining instalment that introduces new characters while taking others away. So far, although I’ve enjoyed the story progression, though it’s occasionally felt a little stagnant, stretching certain stories super thin. I’m pleased to say this isn’t the case here.

Last episode saw Fitz arrive in the future, disguised as a buyer set to purchase Quake, Destroyer of Worlds. Fitz is informed by Enoch that he’s to pretend to be a marauder named Bostok who has unlimited wealth, and he quickly befriends Kasius in an attempt to gain an advantage in the bidding process. Playing the intergalactic space smuggler seems to come naturally to Fitz; there’s a healthy balance between the Fitz we saw in the Framework, versus the one we know and admire.

Since the show’s infancy, the continuing romance has been between Fitz and Simmons, although each season has somehow torn them apart. As soon as Fitz spots Simmons, he finds an opportunity to talk discreetly with her. Sneaking up from behind, he whispers a heartfelt speech that’s very touching and includes a proposal. Unfortunately she’s unable to hear, which on the one hand was still very romantic, on the other a great comedic moment only their relationship could muster.

Aside from Fitz’s arrival on the space station, the heart and soul of the episode lies in the Inhuman fight club hosted by Kasius. It’s discovered that he’s an exile, sent by his father to run this business. Kasius plans to make enough money selling Daisy (Quake) to be allowed to leave. To keep the business ticking over, he has to create new Inhumans by periodically rounding up children, putting them through Terragenesis and selling the results.

This introduces Flint, a young teen living day-to-day who gets poached for Terragenesis. Going through the process successfully, YoYo decides he deserves more and takes him into hiding before the Kree can take him. She tries to explain and coach him through the change, which provided yet another comedic scene involving tacos (just watch, it’s hilarious). Overheard by Grill we get a confrontation between everyone, causing Flint’s powers to manifest, killing Grill with his yet uncontrollable ability to control rocks. From what little we see, I think Flint will be a great addition to the team, but I’ll hold off the positivity until we’ve had more time.

This is the first of many deaths in this episode. After helping Flint escape, Tess was killed by the Kree which, although sad, wasn’t too emotional as she was never that important. Next we get the return of May. During the Inhuman fight club, an undercard match between Ben, the telepath that previously helped Daisy, and a beaten down May takes place. Although May survived her run in with Sinara, she’s badly wounded but has no fear; she didn’t die, and considering the circumstances, she held her own very well. Ben of course wins, and May’s life is spared thanks to some quick thinking by Fitz, who manages to get her sent to the Earth’s surface. That seems to be where the agents were heading anyway, so it was a kind of backwards victory. After finding out Ben’s betrayal, Kasius has him murdered. I loved how quick this happened and how shocking it was; I expected him to last a lot longer. Although I would’ve liked to have seen more of Ben, I admire the creative decision made.

The main event is set between Quake and Sinara. When Kasius informs her she’ll be fighting the Destroyer of Worlds, the tension is fantastic, showing that not only are human lives considered worthless to the Kree, but their own kind is as well, at least in the realm of money. The fight between Daisy and Sinara was superb; it was fluent and choreographed well, each using their abilities as well as their hand to hand capabilities. Unfortunately Sinara loses but lives to fight another day. The same cannot be said for her boss Kasius, who gets a knife to the throat by Simmons during the team’s escape. This again was shocking and will no doubt cause some friction between the team and Sinara. I look forward to seeing progress.

The final sequences show the team making their final escape. This is complete with a touching reunion between Fitz and Simmons complete with a real proposal, but this time it’s Simmons who asks and Fitz certainly accepts.

Fun & Games was a superb episode that delicately mixed in all the necessary ingredients for an entertaining hour of television. Good action, drama, romance, mystery and a semi happy ending. I was hooked the whole way through as I have been for the majority of this season so far. It’s great to have the team back together at last. The following episodes, I expect, will be full of mystery and action as they all make their way to the Earth’s surface in order to either return to their past, or repair the world … perhaps with their new friend’s rock wielding powers. Who knows, but I can’t wait to find out.

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