Marvel's Agents of SHIELD: 4.07 Deals With Our Devils

"This is SHIELD,” we're told early on. “Impossible things happen all the time." If only fantastic episodes like this happened all the time as well. It's a blisteringly fun episode packed with revelations, action, laughs and emotion.

Picking up from the previous episode's cliffhanger, the episode has wit and energy to spare. The writers make good use of their characters predicaments, playing with narrative structure as we cut back to see scenes from Coulson, Fitz and Robbie's perspective in the other dimension. It allows for the team to make discoveries about themselves and their comrades.


It also allows for a few laughs to. Coulson observes, “Do we look that stupid on comms?" when Mack and May go silent or, in the later car chase Daisy's "Scientifically impossible, self healing car…" Robbie, wincing as Daisy trashes his car replies, "That only works when I'm the Rider.”

Fitz and Coulson get some brilliant moments too, especially their confrontation over Coulson stepping down as head of SHIELD. Mack gets some stand out moments as well, giving the Spirit of Vengeance a voice and one of the best deadpan lines; "My axe is plenty sharp. And a shotgun."

Simmons also gets to shine as the Nadeer subplot ticks along, berating the science team and proving why she is one of the best of this shows assets. Daisy also works so much better when she feels like an active part of the team as she does here. If there is to be a season five, can the writers please not reset her to the loner with trust issues?


It's a really fun episode that really plays with a great idea and mines it for dramatic and comic potential and the cast really seem to be enjoying working with some great material that allows everyone to get a stand out character moment.

If we're nitpicking Aida is able to build the interdimensional gateway incredibly quickly - even for a super smart AI and it occurred to me that, with Eli Morrow becoming an all powerful, carbon creating enhanced supervillain, there wasn't at least one mention of bringing in Stark's Avengers…

Over all a fantastic episode that moves this arc along brilliantly whilst also laying some more groundwork for the AIDA and Inhuman stories.

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