Marvel's Agents of SHIELD: 4.02 Meet The New Boss

As is so often the case with this show, the second episode of this season is much stronger than the first. The pieces are on the board and now we get to play with them.

The episode sees Quake look to team up with the Ghost Rider. As Daisy corners him at work their exchange is sly, exciting and rife with tension. I just hope Daisy isn't going to continue her terrible taste in men. That said, Gabriel Luna is killing it as Robbie Reyes; his relationship with his alter ego is certainly complicated and his line about getting "So angry that I may not remember what I do to you, sometimes I prefer it that way" gives us a real senses of the darker side of Robbie Reyes. Robbie's background arguably make him a more interesting Rider than Johnny Blaze and a really good fit for the show. However, we have yet to get a feel for the Rider as an entity and when the witty word play comes to an end Daisy and Robbie's second dust up seems too reminiscent of the previous episode, a beat we've already seen play out.
Marvel seem convinced that all supernatural entities within the MCU must have some sort of scientific explanation - it's refreshing to see the Ghost Rider not yet subjected to such treatment - and this episode sees the ghosts revealed. Scientific meddling with the "Darkhold" has created the problem. It's actually a pretty fun reveal and the ghosts are interesting characters. (Speaking of science gone wrong, will we ever see the return of Gravitron?)

Meanwhile, May's descent into madness is thrilling and quite creepy. The writers as usual do a sterling job of making sure the cast have plenty to do and balancing multiple plot threads, with only Simmons sold short this time round.

The episode also introduces us to SHIELD's new director, Mace, a friendly, overly personable chap who you instantly know has something to hide. It was a lovely reveal that the head of Mace is an Inhuman. It's a bold move, and when the agency goes public one likely to back fire... Also, when SHIELD 2.0 is revealed to the world I wonder how much, if it all, the film's will acknowledge this, it'd be lovely to see some of the SHIELD cast in Infinity War. He's no Nick Fury but a welcome addition to the team and it's good to see that whilst he may keep things classified from Coulson he isn't just another antagonistic bureaucrat - he's just a man trying to do his job and bring the agency back from the shadows.
It's an energetic episode with plenty of drama, actions and laughs; Coulson's shyness overcome by geeky love for SHIELD history and Fitz's description of Mack, ""You're an engineer Mack, and a small tank." And remember, a team that trusts, is a team that triumphs.

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