Marvel's Agents of SHIELD: 3.07 Chaos Theory

A strong episode of Agents of SHIELD this week as the net closed on Andrew/Lash and relationships were tested. A booby trapped book led to Andrew's transformation and Coulson had been the one giving him the info post Afterlife intel. Though it seems odd that no one had checked the books for booby traps before handing them over. That said there was plenty going on this episode that we can mostly overlook the odd plot contrivance.

Coulson has been invited to a meeting to decide the future of the MCU and whilst the events of this episode meant that the meeting was postponed, it's exciting to think Coulson will have a hand in shaping the Sokovia Accord which will play into Captain America: Civil War. The show continues to explore the options and the grey areas of the Inhuman crisis in this world of enhanced peoples (sounds better than Registered Gifted doesn't it?) The show is really making interesting use of this brave new world.


It was nice to be reminded that Joey hasn't just been locked up since episode one though why is SHIELD using a training facility anywhere near a populated area? Hopefully Daisy will have her Secret Warriors assembled soon, especially as this episode brought Lincoln into the fold. It was a nice surprise to see it was Lincoln that Mack had been in contact with. There was some subtle direction in this episode and great performances even when the writing itself was occasionally loaded with overtly ironic dialogue.

There was some good effects work this week and some impressive CGI, especially involving the Bus. I quite like the LASH effects even though they initially reminded me of some Buffy era make up. It's a shame there isn't much movement in the face when the transformation is complete but with Andrew/Lash now on ice for a while, maybe they'll have time to improve the effects work.

Hunter is still after Ward and tries to get Bobbi to go with him. I do like these characters but I'm not sure the cited spin off is something to get excited for. There's none of the subtlety of the other romances in the show. They're largely relegated to the background this week in an episode with plenty going on.


The ending of the episode was messily constructed - there was a lot of running around corridors without any real strategy in place. They all seemed to find Andrew and May quite quickly. Did he not take her somewhere else? Where are all the other agents? Good thing those ATCU red shirts were there though for Lash to tear into.

That said, it was great to see Daisy find a cool new use for her powers and for her relationship with Rosalind to change. They both want present good arguments and it was nice for them to find common ground (although Daisy storming off at the end of their earlier confrontation smacked of teenage histrionics).


Over all, where logic failed, the episode succeeded in it's emotion. The relationship drama between May and Andrew worked much better in this episode, the stakes were so much higher, the drama more intense. Fitz and Simmons story had some nice moments ("let's just watch the sunset") and Rosalind and Coulson's relationship has become a romantic one, not just business. However, with Rosalind in contact with Gideon Mack their relationship can only be doomed...

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