Marvel's Agents of SHIELD 1.11 - The Magical Place

There will be spoilers ahead

Now I've written before about giving up on Agents of Shield for a rather dull and over-processed first half of its debut season, but I've now realised that in fact it has given up on me. I have had a revelation that actually this show isn't meant for me and all the things I think are misdirected and wrong are actually just not meant to please me. This is a programme for people who like watching pretty human beings who are basically a haircut talk about people who are far more interesting and do stuff. Kinda CSI:My Mate's a Superhero.

Now mid season-ended with kindly Agent Coulson kidnapped and other cast looking like they were nearly dead. Agent ShaggingOutsideHisGeneration took a bullet, and drugged-up-Daddy who is not quite a superhero seemed to explode to bits. The baddies want to know what happened after Agent Coulson died, and quite frankly he didn't know he had. So here his young team of nerdy brits, GILF action woman and maverick laptop girl are on point in trying to get him back, whilst the operation is led by Agent Neck, sorry Hand, who is more interested in taking baddies down than finding Coulson.imageCoulson is having his synapses terrorised by underlings of the Clairvoyant as they try to jog his memory and discovered just how a man who was dead for days can come back. At first he resists but he is persuaded to remember by considering all he has lost since his resurrection. Coulson's recovered memory is graphic, tortuous and suggests bad juju on the part of Nick Fury and SHIELD. When his dull youngsters and granny ass-kick turn up, his jogged memories stop but not before the very nice Coulson has come over all unshaven and a tiny bit gnarly.

So does this mean gritty adventures ahead, are we starting to fight the government from within as SHIELD's evil nature is revealed? Well no, as this was a Sky heavy episode with lots of laptop pouting and a deeply unfunny piss-take of her aged colleague (say what you like about May's advancing years, but at least she is slightly more that a civil servant with good skin). The new gritty Coulson seems ready to join forces with her and go looking into both of their dark secrets, so sadly Sky's prominence will continue.

Frankly, I think we are nearing the end of our patience with Agents of SHIELD, we'll do one more episode review before deciding whether the likes of Intelligence (a very good debut this week), Helix (looks cool) or some other show is more worthy of our attention. Viewing figures are still not impressive for this in the States and a second season isn't for certain, although it's hard to see how anything labelled Marvel can fail. Still, it's just not very good and the world needs far less of Sky and her dull chums.

You can catch the show on Channel Four on Fridays and on 4OD here

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