Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D - Repairs

Spoilers ahead

After last weeks Norse battle and revelations of bedroom shenanigans between agents, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D picks up the morning after and decides to explore May's rather obscured back-story by having nosey-parker Skye indulge her curiosity. This does not lead to her finding out about the bedroom olympics going on between hunky agent Shaw, the apple of omniscient Skyes eye, and the twice her age May, but basically goes down the avenue of exploring the hoary old debate between right and might.imageWe begin with a woman buying some stuff at a service station when the shop assistant picks a fight and then all hell breaks loose around them. Our agents are called in as said woman may be telekinetic, a power she may have acquired from an earlier fatal explosion, and they go to her house, avoiding the baying crowd and cars being used as missiles by unseen forces. May takes no chances and shoots her with a dart so they can lock her up in their padded cell, oops, I meant interrogation room. Coulson chooses Shaw and May to interview her and Skye mopes, digging into all sorts of imagined cruelties from May's past. But are the agents alone on the ship?

All of us fans of The Walking Dead will fondly remember the end of season three when a much hated central character was dispatched (I do not mean The Governor or Merle). That character had been there since the beginning and successive writers had sucked at making them understandable or even sympathetic, only hugely changeable and full of bad, bad choices. Well, AOS is in danger of the same with Skye, who is meant to be the one who calms your nerves about whether SHIELD is an evil bureaucracy that kidnaps civilians and spies on them, by emphasising her kooky insight and counter cultural credentials.imageInstead, she is becoming a whine merchant who thinks all the world's problems can be solved by a big hug and kiss from her. Someone who preaches kindness whilst accusing colleagues of torture and murder willy-nilly. Here that serves to tell us about how May's personality is forged by dark incidents in her past and gets us to understand her understated practical personality, yet doesn't give Skye the insight or humility to apologise for being such a jerk.

After last week's above average episode, I am afraid this was a return to formula and soap opera. We got to see that Shaw and May are an ongoing and secret thing, that our science nerds can play pranks and that you can use any old unmitigated crap as an explanation for events. Seriously, someone stuck between dimensions - how lazy is that. Also, why bring in the whole divine punishment thing and then not follow it through, and why have an atheist saying that "God is Love" works for her. Dumb, dumb and dumb again.

The villain, who wasn't a villain despite killing people (more a stalker plumber from beyond), could appear wherever and whenever and was often invisible for the sole explanation that he was between dimensions and just went away when he was told to. Jeez Louise - try harder than this, better shows are biting the dust or in danger of cancellation - just get it together please. Next week is the mid-season finale and hopefully this was the padding episode....

Channel 4 shows the program in the UK, you can catch it also on 4OD once the programme is shown

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