Lucifer: 3.24 A Devil of My Word

After an extended season of disjointed one-off episodes and ever twisting story lines, Lucifer season three is over. Last week's episode ended with the death of Charlotte Richards, as she took a bullet for Amenadiel. This week's episode centres on the investigation of said murder, as the cast of characters gradually learn more and more about Pierce's less than savoury past.

Dan is the first to find out as he finds Charlotte's file on Pierce being the Sinnerman. Dan's reaction to Charlotte's death was saddening to watch. He has made so much progress as a character since the scared, dirty cop of season one. But now his pain and anger has taken him right back to that place. It was nice to see him be smart. Dan has so often been relegated to comic relief, so to see him doing his job and doing so well was refreshing; even if it was motivated by despair. Dan deserves better that just being the guy you compare Lucifer to because he is Chloe's ex husband. This episode gives him that.

Speaking of Lucifer and Chloe's epic romanc, they finally kissed last week, only to be interrupted by the news of Charlotte's death. And while they are mostly distracted by the investigation this week, Chloe does confront Lucifer about his 'metaphors'. Chloe not knowing about the various celestial presences in her life, has been one of the most frustrating parts of Lucifer since season one.

While it is somewhat understandable, considering how Chloe has always been characterised as a very pragmatic person, one of Lucifer's greatest downfalls as a show is that it has just taken too long to get where it was going; Lucifer and Chloe's relationship. Chloe does finally find out, right at the end of the episode, discovering Lucifer's 'Devil Face' and is so shocked all she can say is 'it's true' over and over.

The return of Lucifer's 'Devil Face' is linked to another of the major revelations of this finale. God isn't anywhere near as in control of anyone's lives as Lucifer has always believed. Last week Amenadiel proposed that, like humans and the after life, the manifestations of angels wings and Lucifer's 'Devil Face' is related to their own sense of guilt. Lucifer doesn't believe him, as that would mean he could no longer blame is father for all his problems. But when Lucifer finds one of Amenadiel's feathers by Charlotte's body he begins to reconsider. By the end of the episode it is obvious that Amenadiel's theory is the truth. And honestly, I am so glad that it is. While I had never actively thought it until Amenadiel said it last week. The second he did, I knew it was exactly the thing I had been looking for someone to say to Lucifer for weeks.

Lucifer isn't that good at a great many things, but being held responsible for his own actions is one of the things that he is worst at. Throughout the shows' three seasons he has constantly blamed his bad/illegal/invasive behaviour on him trying to avoid his father's manipulations. To see him finally realise that it isn't his father who is constantly undercutting his relationships is a dream. Though he doesn't quite go so far as synthesising the fact that it is his own arrogance and terrible communication skills that are the real culprits. He does, however, realise that he has relegated himself to hell, and that his Devil Face is a manifestation of his own guilt. Which I guess is a step in the right direction.

Meanwhile, Maze awakens in a panic about Linda's safety, after being drugged by Pierce last episode. Maze's friendship with Linda has been one of the most heartwarming and devastating parts of Lucifer over the past two seasons. Maze doesn't know how to make friends, or really interact with humans beyond having sex with them, nor does she really know how to deal with the emotions that come with caring for someone else. Not to mention the fact that Lucifer treats her terribly. So her and Linda forming a friendship was beautiful to see. Lucifer is just as emotionally messed up as Maze is, but because he is a man he gets away with it, where Maze is considered a threat or a slut. She deserves better, and now that the show is cancelled she may not get that.

Overall, the events of the season - and indeed the series - finale felt like it should have come sooner. This whole season went back and forth on whether or not Pierce was the villain for far to long. I feel like the whole show would have been better if the season length had stayed at thirteen episodes. This would have forced the over arching stories to be more succinct and would have cut down on the boring repetitiveness that can come with an excess of procedural episodes.

Sadly, Lucifer's extended third season run may have been it's undoing...

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