Lucifer: 3.23 Quintessential Deckerstar

After breaking off her engagement with Pierce at the end of the last episode, Chloe just wants to get back to work. For once Lucifer is on the same page; he too wants things to go back to normal.

At the beginning of this episode, Lucifer is at one of his sessions with Linda, who asks him if he will now tell Chloe about his feelings for her. Typically, Lucifer backtracks on any and all development he has shown over the past few episodes and says that it isn't a problem anymore.He then goes on to try and make everything 'the way it was' by recreating iconic moments from his and Chloe's time working together. Of all the weird and wonderful things Lucifer has done in order to both keep Chloe close and deny his feelings for her, this is one of the most confusing. I could sort of understand him doing it once as a token of his support in Chloe's difficult time, but this is something else.

When Chloe finally tells him to stop, and then goes on to catch, not one, but two killers, Lucifer comes to the realisation that Chloe doesn't need him, which I would have thought was obvious as she is shown to be the most competent and level headed character in the entire show. But what he gets from that isn't a better appreciation of Chloe. No, he just realises that she keeps him around because she wants him there. Which is so typical of both Lucifer and the show Lucifer to reduce something amazing that Chloe does down to how it relates to, and what it means for, Lucifer. Yes, he is the titular character, but that doesn't mean that every other character's life and story needs to revolve around him. Chloe is the one who falls victim to this the most. Though she is shown to be a hard worker and loving mother, she still puts up with Lucifer's nonsense. I don't blame her for wanting to settle down with someone stable; Pierce was hardly a good choice, but the sentiment stands. Lucifer is an erratic man child who always blames his father when anything ever goes wrong. Hardly long-term relationship material. But she loves him, so it is meant to be... Right?

On the topic of Lucifer and Chloe's divinely planned love, they finally pull their fingers out and make a step towards getting together at the end of this episode. This happens after Lucifer tells Chloe that he is the devil but that he can't properly show her. But he can, he still has his wings. One could argue that his wings are a sign of his abusive relationship with his father. He doesn't want the wings, so he doesn't show them to Chloe as he doesn't feel they are really part of him. But, going off the idea that God isn't as involved as Lucifer thinks, it could also be possible that his wings came back just because Lucifer is becoming a bit of a better person? Either way, him not showing Chloe seems odd considering that he showed Charlotte his wings only episodes earlier. Which makes me think the tumultuous nature of Lucifer and Chloe's relationship is far from being settled.

Speaking of Charlotte, Trisha Helfer is stunning this episode. Her rocky redemption arc has been one of the most charming parts of this season, and here it finally comes to a head. After helping Chloe put away a serial abuser, Charlotte sits on a secluded bench with Amenadiel. She then saves his life by jumping in the way of a bullet. Charlotte dies, Amenadiel gets his wings back, the audience is safe in knowing they both went to heaven. But I'm not happy with this; Charlotte has children who she was just reconnecting with and she was starting her relationship with Dan. In all honesty, considering how tedious Lucifer has been this season, I would rather watch a show about Charlotte navigating the world and trying to be good than another season of star-crossed nonsense. But now, like so many other female characters across media, she has died, partly to fuel the male characters' story lines.

As her redemption arc ends so does Amenadiel's; in his caring for Charlotte as she dies in his arms he has earned back his wings. But also the fact that she was killed by Pierce, who was aiming for Amenadiel, means that her death has taken the conflict between Pierce and Lucifer a step closer to its conclusion.

Overall her death, while emotional, seems unnecessary. She could have been shot and then recovered and this could have been a milestone in her turning over a new leaf. But, instead, its just another way to keep Lucifer front and centre. Unlike Lucifer and Chloe, I was really rooting for Dan and Charlotte. While Lucifer and Chloe's kiss was less, 'OMG! It happened!!!!' and more 'Ugh, finally. Can we move on now?' Dan and Charlotte seemed to be developing a mature relationship based on communication and mutual respect. They both have bad deeds in their backstories, but they were moving on, together.  Now that is gone and we are going to have to sit through the train wreck that is going to be Chloe and Lucifer.

Meanwhile, Amenadiel may have proven that angels, like humans, are the ones in charge of their ultimate destinies. Early in the episode he comes up with the hypothesis that God isn't actually controlling any of their lives or their powers, but rather that he and Lucifer have lost their powers because of how they feel about themselves. Much like how the humans of the Lucifer universe go to heaven or hell depending on their own guilt, rather than any celestial being deciding for them. And what with his wings returning when he stays with Charlotte and then takes her to heaven, this seems to make sense. Amenadiel lost his wings because of his relationship with Maze. But now he has learnt to truly care about humanity, and have a human care about him to the point where they would choose to save his life, he doesn't feel that guilt anymore. And so he can return home.

Next week is the season finale, and I am more excited because it means that the season is ending that I am for the episode itself. Pierce's story line will come to a head, the show seems to have finally decided that he is a villain, which is nice. But I am honestly so done with the show.

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