Lucifer: 3.22 All Hands On Decker

At the end of last week's' episode Chloe agreed to marry Pierce, while Lucifer looked on, shocked and upset. At the start of this episode we learn that, as all good TV fiances do, Chloe and Pierce have decided to get married quickly. So with only three weeks until the big day Chloe takes some time off, leaving Lucifer to work with Dan and Ella to organise the bachelorette party. These two storylines take up the episode, as the predictable chaos ensues.

Throughout season one, and most of season two, I didn't like Dan at all. He was a dirty cop who had gotten away with it. But now he is growing on me. Lucifer's jibes no longer seem poignant, just mean. He isn't a douche anymore, he has learned from his mistakes and is working hard to be a good dad. So it was nice to see him be a more central part of this episode.

When he and Lucifer are sent out on a case Lucifer decides that, in order to understand Chloe, he must be Chloe. Therefore, obviously, Dan must be Lucifer. Now, Dan has been shown acting like Lucifer before, in his improv class in season two. But this is more prolonged and has much higher stakes. But Dan works it. It takes a little time, but once he has settled into the role, he uses a mixture of his knowledge as a detective and Lucifer's ever present confidence to solve the case.

Its nice to see Dan being used as more than just a comic relief character. As I have said over my past few articles, I am getting fed up of Lucifer's juvenile nonsense. So to see a character like Dan, who has been the adult voice of reason for Lucifer multiple times this season, mix being an adult with a bit more flare was great. But it is also a little sad, as I don't think Lucifer is ever going to show enough character development to act like that himself. It takes him a whole episode to work out that the best way to understand someones motivation for doing something is to just ask them, rather than pretend to be them.

Another interesting point that Dan brings up is the way that Lucifer always refers to Chloe as 'Detective' or 'The Detective'. Though I had noticed this, it hadn't crossed my mind that he never calls her Chloe. Lucifer does seem to see Chloe's job as the dominant part of her personality, even though he has spent time with her and Trixie. This may be because doing police work is where they have the most contact. But it seems kind of weird, considering that Lucifer says he loves Chloe, that he never says her name. Maybe he will start saying it at the end of the season, or once they get together. Either way I am going to notice it now more than ever.

Meanwhile Chloe has taken some of her accumulated holiday days so that she can plan the wedding. This is at the suggestion of Pierce, and though I did find it surprising that Chloe agreed, at this point in the episode I was still trying to wrap my head around the fact that she had said yes to getting married in three weeks, so I let it go. However, the ease with which she agreed to go on holiday should have been a big red flag, Throughout the series Chloe has been shown to very rarely take time off work, so this was another step further out of character. There is also the infuriating fact that it was never even discussed that Pierce might also take time off. I know he is a lieutenant and that weddings are considered to be the brides 'special day', but why couldn't he also just hand his cases off and help if this is something that means so much to him?

Another thing from this episode that really made me think about the relationships and power dynamics on Lucifer, was the the reason Chloe gave for saying yes to Pierce. She said that she wanted to be with someone stable and reliable so that she could be more spontaneous. Lucifer also realises at the end of the episode that he isn't either of those things. As 'adult' as Lucifer may be in terms of sexuality, his relationship with Chloe isn't that of two adults. Not because they don't have sex, but because she is constantly having to clean up after him. Chloe often ends up not being able to just be Lucifer's friend because she is having to act like his parent.

This emotional burden falls upon the other characters as well. There is Linda, the fairy therapist-mother, Maze, the muscle and Dan, the one who knows about Chloe. Three of these four characters, and the ones who are called upon the most to fix Lucifer's problems, are women. The women of Lucifer who are smart, strong and caring, are relegated to looking after this cock-sure man child who seems to have a complete inability to learn how to be a caring adult person. So, not matter how much Lucifer and Chloe may love each other, no matter if they are part of 'God's plan', I really don't want them to get together. There is no way, with Lucifer being who he is now, that their relationship could be healthy and equal.

I was glad that the episode ended with Chloe calling the wedding off. But its probably just going to lead to a whole lot of nonsense that Chloe won't really understand because no one has told her the truth about celestials. Or, the show might surprise us. Only time will tell.

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