Lucifer: 3.19 Orange is the New Maze

Since finding out that Linda and Amenadiel began a relationship, even though she explicitly asked Linda not to, Maze has been on a downward spiral; from confronting the two of them through the ruse of a double date, to telling Linda to 'Go. To. Hell.' And this week's episode continues this path of destruction.

The opening scene is a good one this week, bringing together the two main story lines of the episode and foreshadowing how they will continue to intertwine. First, Lucifer lets himself into Chloe's house, to find Maze turning the place over in order to find a knife. He continues to exacerbate the situation when he refuses to take Maze back to Hell because he is afraid of what might happen to Chloe. The situation only gets more awkward when Chloe and Pierce show up, back from a day at the beach. Chloe immediately starts to make excuses about why they were together, before trying to find out why Maze was so rude to Trixie.

This scene links the relationships between all of these characters together well. They all have an established relationship structure, but also it shows a direct comparison between how Chloe treats Maze and how Lucifer treats Maze. Where Chloe is just trying to understand what the motivations behind Maze's behaviour are, Lucifer isn't listening at all, only thinking of what is important to him. This parallel continues throughout the episode.

When footage is found of Maze pulling a knife out of a recently dead man Lucifer is quick to assume that she did it, and that she is trying to manipulate him into taking her back to Hell. However, Chloe is quick to defend her, even when Maze comes to the station to confess, murder weapon in hand.

Maze quickly busts herself out of lock-up and heads to the lanes, the bowling lanes that is. Once there she finds Barry of Barry's Bail Bonds, the man responsible for sending her after the guy who was murdered. Only for him to be shot through the head by a sniper just as she is interrogating him. While this does prove to Lucifer and Chloe that there is something more going on, it also leaves yet another body on the ground.

The case culminates at the winery where the original victim worked. It turns out Maze was the bounty hunter who brought in the winery owner's son, who recently died in prison. In need of someone to blame she turns to Maze, and an elaborate revenge plot. With the help of Lucifer and Chloe, the owner and her hired help are overcome. But Maze, being Maze, then puts a knife to the owner's throat. Chloe attempts to talk her down, promising to listen and to help her. To this Maze only scoffs, telling Chloe that she is the reason that Lucifer won't take her home.

After all is said and done Lucifer invites Maze to the penthouse to apologise for not believing in her. But he still refuses to take her back to Hell, not  because of Chloe but because 'he can't lose her too.' He then goes on a lament about how Chloe and Pierce are now together. This is when Maze breaks, her sadness bubbling up as she reveals how unappreciated she feels, like she is never the one that people put first. Just as Lucifer only cares about her when Chloe isn't around.

This last scene broke my heart a little. Maze has always been one of my favourite characters on Lucifer no matter how morally questionable her actions. She is a kickass woman who has had to clean up so many of Lucifer's messes, and yet he still takes her for granted. Though I do think it is somewhat unreasonable for Maze to ask Linda not to be with a man who means a huge amount to her, I do sort of understand. Emotions are new to Maze; as a demon she didn't have to deal with any of it, she just had to torture. Now, everyone, even those in the know, are expecting her to have the same level of emotional maturity as a human adult. Something which a lot of human adults fail at doing, let alone Lucifer.

This episode once again showcases how much people are willing to forgive Lucifer his faults. Each episode he manages to be callous, uncaring and selfish, and yet all is forgiven when he helps to save the day, or give some grand gesture. But Maze doesn't get that. Sure she is forgiven, but she is also often overlooked, especially by Lucifer. Even though she hasn't worked at Lux for years at this point, he still runs to her to do his dirty work. Now that he has Chloe, Lucifer wants to keep his hands somewhat clean, but what about Maze? She has Chloe too, maybe not in the same way but they are still friends; she also has Linda and Trixie. Again the relationships between the women of Lucifer are the most interesting.

Once Maze has said her piece to Lucifer she leaves and heads to the bus, planning on leaving LA. But she is stopped by Pierce, who offers her a deal; he'll help her if she helps him. An unlikely alliance, but also further confirmation that Pierce is going to be the end game 'big bad' of the season. A fact which I am still on the fence about.

It would be a lie to say that, over the past few episodes, no one has tried to reach out to Maze, or that she hasn't done a bang up job of pushing people away. But I am more sad than intrigued to see where this is going. I've said it before and I'll probably keep on saying it; Lucifer is now the least interesting character in Lucifer.

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