Lucifer: 3.17 Let Pinhead Sing!

At the end of last week's episode Lucifer broke off his deal with Pierce for fear of God's Wrath being brought down on Chloe. This week the ramifications of that decision are that, Lucifer is ignoring Chloe to try and deflect God's gaze, and Pierce is moping about in his office playing guitar. Pierce's moping leads to an adorable scene between him and Ella, where Ella gives him a 'compliment box' to help him feel better. It doesn't work, but seeing Ella in an episode in more than just a forensics capacity always brings a smile to my face.

Elsewhere in LA, murder is afoot as a firework is shot directly at singing sensation Axara - well, what is thought to be Axara, but is actually a backup dancer called Jill. Axara's management immediately thinks that Axara was the target, Chloe is inclined to agree. The first line of inquiry is social media and all of the over zealous fans who take things too far. This was a predictable line of investigation, yet a very topical one for today's current online environment. Many people feel entitled to famous people's time now that they are just a tweet away, interactions that can often get both heated and threatening.

Whilst it is a good thing that Lucifer considered this side of social media, and how celebrities, especially women, are often treated online, this does sort of go inline with the habit Lucifer has of mocking fan behaviours and pointing out the bad parts of fandom. Such as when Lucifer is derisive of Ella's enthusiasm about a comedian earlier this season and that reaction of surprise that was given to Ashley, an adult man, for being a fan of a YA book series. On the other hand, it isn't every piece of media's job to be constantly sending a message about current issues, it just feels like Lucifer tries but almost always falls short.

When they find the body of an obsessed fan who had won VIP tickets to an Axara concert on his living room floor after an apparent suicide, many assume the case is closed until the autopsy comes back saying that he died before the murder at the concert. Because of this, Axara reschedules a new show - much to Chloe's annoyance. When Chloe and Lucifer go to tell Axara that she can't perform she refuses to listen to them at first, but then changes her tunes some what after they all come under fire. Fortunately, no one is significantly hurt, but Chloe does throw her body over Axara's. This leads to a brief break in Lucifer's nonchalant facade, as he tells Chloe not to be heroic.

After the attack, Axara is left in Lucifer's care, because the Lux penthouse seems like an unlikely place for Axara to be. After an exasperated afternoon and Lucifer rejecting Axara (shocking I know) Axara escapes the penthouse and heads to Lux to perform. It is eventually revealed that it is Axara's childhood friend Cece who was attacking people, all in the name of getting Axara out of the spotlight in order to protect her.

The final altercation ends up with Lucifer having a knife stuck out of his chest in order to protect Chloe. There is then a tender moment between the two of them as Lucifer realises that pushing away what you care about the most is never going to make you happy and that he should cling to it, much like how Axara clung to her music even when in danger.

Lucifer's epiphany this episode, once again, feels superficial. Each week he does something to distance or deflect his relationships with the people around him; by the end of the episode he fixes it, then the next week it happens all over again. Earlier in the season he had an epiphany that he would rather be playing monopoly with Chloe and Trixie than having sex with a woman he will forget, but now he is having pretty much the same epiphany again. Whilst it is understandable that the writers don't want to get Lucifer and Chloe together yet, and risk viewers losing interest due to the lack of intrigue, this is getting tired. I say it each and every week; Lucifer isn't getting anywhere in terms of character development.

fter an episode of moping about, Pierce decides to ask Chloe on a date. Lucifer finally realises that he may have made a mistake, that he doesn't want to see Chloe with someone else. It's boring; either get them together, or stop this pining, the will they/won't they. And the love triangle with Pierce doesn't make it any more interesting. The show could have done so much more with this storyline, they could have shown the people who used to have feeling for each other can move on and be friends and they could have gone beyond the 'blink and you'll miss it' queer bating and made Lucifer and Pierce romantic interests. But no, they followed an old formula, and quite frankly, I'm disappointed.

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