Lucifer: 3.16 Infernal Guinea Pig

After the last two somewhat disappointing episodes of Lucifer, this weeks instalment was a breath of fresh air. Now that the subplot of Linda and Amenadiel's romance is over, the fall out must be dealt with. While the relationship was cute and Linda does deserve to be happy, the process of her reconciling her relationship with Maze is going to be much more interesting to watch than a smooth romance. But that is yet to come as Maze and Linda didn't share the screen this week. Instead the subplot is continued with Maze being asked by Lucifer to distract Amenadiel, leading to the two fighting in Maze's living room.

I was surprised that this was the initial angle being taken, as Maze and Amenadiel have a complicated history and Linda and Maze's relationship prior to the fling was much more positive. But it also makes for a fun scene as Amenadiel refuses to relent to Maze's angry onslaught and instead tells Maze that Linda is brokenhearted over the whole situation. I am excited to see what comes next, the relationships between the female characters on the show is one of Lucifer's strongest points, and it would be devastating the see part of that fall away.

Meanwhile, Lucifer has a new idea for how to make Pierce mortal. The plan is to drop the soul of Abel, who's murder gave Pierce his mark, into a recently deceased body, thus rendering the murder, and the mark, non-existent. However, as per usual, things don't go exactly to plan. Instead of ending up in the body of a man on deaths door from old age, Abel gets dropped into the body of a young woman who was just the victim of a letterbomb. Things are made even more complicated by the fact that this woman is part of a case being investigated by Chloe and Dan.

With the hunt on for Pierce's newly alive brother, team ancient (Lucfier and Pierce) and team detective (Chloe and Dan) go their separate ways. While Chloe and Dan research a potential suspect at his hideout in the woods, team ancient go to Maze to find out more about the motivations a behaviours of hell's first resident. A meeting which turns out to be very informative as Maze tells Lucifer and Pierce that not only did the demons end up teaching Abel how to speak multiple languages but also that Abel is more than a bit of a ladies man. Taking a stack of bills out of a box named 'Lunch Money', Maze then send them on a hunt for women.

Unfortunately a hit man finds Abel first. After making it out alive, there is the awkward situation of having Chloe and Charlotte conduct an interview with one of the oldest souls to ever exist while still thinking it is a Hollywood producers assistant sat in front of them.

This interview also leads to Chloe snapping at Pierce and Lucifer about something that has been annoying her since the beginning of the case. She, quite rightly, feels put out by the fact that Pierce has effectively stolen her partner without any explanation. It is refreshing to see Chloe be so assertive with Pierce after how rocky their relationship was at the beginning of this season and Chloe's brief attraction to him. Assertive is also what works, as Lucifer returns to being Chloe's partner for the remainder of the episode.

The next port of call is the office of the producer who they think was being targeted by the letterbomb. However, as Abel uses his new body's thumb to open a draw of documents that will supposedly reveal exactly why the bomb and hit man were sent, it is revealed that not only was Abel a target but it is the producer that is targeting her assistant.

This is made obvious by the fact that the thumb print doesn't just open the draw but also made a bomb inside the draw live. A tense scene follows as Chloe refuses to leave despite protests from Lucifer, Pierce and Dan. However, Chloe sticks to her guns as she won't leave an innocent to die. Eventually the bomb is defused and Chloe's heroics save the day.

The episode ends with Pierce and Abel reconciling, before Abel walks off. Pierce tells Lucifer that, while they didn't remove the mark this time, Abel is surely the key to its removal, so they will be fine as long as Abel remains alive. Of course, that is when Abel gets hit by a passing Ambulance. So, back to square one.

Lucifer's interactions with Pierce are vastly more engaging than when Lucifer is back just working cases with Chloe, and I look forward to seeing more of it over the rest of the season. However, even more than that, I am looking forward to seeing how the subplots brought up this episode are continued. As I said last week, of all the characters on the show, Lucifer is one of the least interesting.

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