Lucifer: 3.14 My Brother's Keeper

After the hilarity and story progression of last week's episode, My Brother's Keeper was pretty dull. The majority of the story followed threes sets of siblings.; First, Lucifer and Amenadiel. Second, Cain/Pierce and Abel and Third, Ella and her brother Jay.

The episode begins with Lucifer and Pierce talking about how they might finally free Pierce from the prison that is his immortality, when Lucifer comes up with the bright idea to remove Cain's mark; something which he assumes Amenadiel will not only know how to do but also help with. Now this is where things start to get  boring. Amenadiel, having come to the conclusion that Lucifer is his 'test', refuses to help remove Cain's mark on the grounds that God gave it for a reason so therefore Cain/Pierce must deserve it.

This, while completely in character for Amenadiel, just makes him sound like a broken record. Where both Lucifer and Pierce are fed up with the ways in which God has manipulated them Amenadiel is still trying to be the dutiful son. Which is annoying and confusing.

Later in the episode Pierce confronts Amenadiel at Lux and it is revealed that Amenadiel is the one who God tasked with giving him the mark, but he has no idea how to remove it. Then they start fighting, which is understandable on Pierces part as Amenadiel in a large part of the reason for his torment. But Amenadiel, while at first reluctant, ends up seemingly enjoying the epic beat down that he gives Pierce, over and over and over.

Near the end of the episode Lucifer finds a bloodied Amenadiel sitting alone in the wrecked Lux and a wedge is riven further between them as neither will back down. Lucifer will remain helping Pierce and Amenadiel will remain in his way.

This part of the episode was action packed and the fight scenes were fun, but the story was still really dull. I am tired of Amenadiel being the moral one, and Pierce actual points out the hypocrisy of Amenadiel judging him for killing his brother when Amenadiel tried to do the same to Lucifer, and Lucifer did do the same to one of their angelic brothers. The main reason I am so bored is because I don't understand why Amenadiel is so loyal to his father. Lucifer doesn't exactly paint God in a positive light, and Amenadiel has befallen God's neglectful and manipulative ways through out the series, not as much a Lucifer to be sure but it still happened. So it is incredibly frustrating to see him so desperate to get back into God's good graces, especially when it would most likely mean leaving Earth and Linda. Moving forward I hope that Amenadiel's willingness to serve and go back to God is explored mmore in the context of how it might affect him and his life in negative ways rather than just positive ones.

On the other hand there is Pierce and Lucifer's relationship. Pierce is still a bit of an unknown quantity, and his interactions with Amenadiel this episode show how he is still a potential threat to the equilibrium of the show. However, whether this is going to be a good or a bad thing is yet to be revealed.

Meanwhile the police are investigating the murder of a sketchy diamond broker, whose murder Ella's brother Jay may have either performed or been witness to. After a bit of cat and mouse where Maze helps Ella to find her brother it is revealed that a dodgy insurance fraud investigator was the one who committed the murder, leaving Jay in the clear. While it was interesting to see the contrasting personalities of Maze and Ella working together the rest of this story line fell flat. While Lucifer is never particularly subtle about how the murder of the week links to Lucifer's current life problems this one just felt that little bit to forced, so as to just make it less engaging.

By far the most enjoyable, yet smallest side story in the episode, was one between Charlotte and Linda. At the end of last season Lucifer's mother, in Charlotte's body, attacked and nearly fatally injured Linda. So it is unsurprising that Linda was less than ecstatic when, the now completely human, Charlotte arrived in her office asking for treatment for the mental ramifications of going to hell and then coming back months later not knowing what happened in your life.

At first Linda turns Charlotte away but, after a talk with Lucifer, visits Charlotte at the DA's office and offers her services, saying it will help the both of them. The prospect of this relationship excites me, the women of this show are all amazing characters and seeing them interact with one another is such a delight.

All in all, I sincerely hope that episode 15 is less of a snore fest than this one...

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