Lucifer: 3.13 'Til Death Do Us Part

Last weeks episode ended with Lucifer convincing Pierce (Cain) to remain in LA if exchange for Lucifer helping him to find a way to die. In this vein Til Death Do Us Part starts with Pierce walking into the seemingly empty penthouse, only to be met with a chainsaw wielding Lucifer. Pierce is not amused by this and proceeds to list all of the ways in which he has tried to kill himself over the years. They gradually escalate in severity until he reveals that he once jumped into a volcano. This adds to his tortured macho image as it shows he wants to die so much he isn't afraid of the pain involved, saying that recovering from the volcano was 'a rough six months'.

This aspect of Pierce's personality does run the risk to falling into the realms of Dean Winchester from Supernatural, especially considering that Dean has had the mark of Cain during the series. In order to avoid this, the character is going have to develop much more than his gruff 'I've done everything in the world and everyone I love dies' exterior. Lucifer agrees with this and makes it his mission to learn more about Pierce.

The first step of Pierce's character development comes along with this week's case. When a woman, June Lee, is found dead with only her legs sticking out of a wood chipper in a fancy suburban neighbourhood, Chloe, Dan and Pierce are surprised to find that she was an ex-drug cooker using a fake name. Wanting to speed things along Lucifer then goes and makes a deal with the gang she used to work for, causing further surprise when they find out that Lee had made peace with the gang and they had nothing to do with her murder.

The case take a turn for the better when Lucifer breaks Lee's hard drive and finds a stash of suped up Adderall (ADHD medicine) and some threatening letters. And so, Lucifer's real learning opportunity occurs. Since the residents of the neighbourhood know that Chloe and Dan are police, it falls to Lucifer and Pierce to pose as a married couple in order to find out who was sending the threats.

This leads to much hilarity as the two host their neighbours, Brian and Anya, for dinner and Lucifer tries to dig for information, but to no avail. When they discover that there has been someone sending threatening letters to people about keeping the neighbourhood tidy, Lucifer makes it his mission to be the worst neighbour ever. He throws parties with scantily clad women and makes noise at all hours, to the point that even Pierce is complaining. It is at that point that they catch the mystery threat sender, Brian from the welcome wagon, only to face another set back when he reveals that he was one of Lee's best customers and says the note that they found in her hard drive isn't even his hand writing.

In an attempt to get the hand writing of everyone in the neighbourhood, Lucifer and Pierce host a garden party where guests are expected to sign the guest book. Things are going swimmingly until Lucifer snaps at Pierce for organising the food on the buffet wrong. Which leads to a fight that to the guests seems like a couples tiff, even though it is obviously about how Lucifer and Pierce aren't working well together when it comes to finding a way to kill Pierce. This fight ends with Lucifer walking off. Chloe quickly follows and convinces him to return, where he and Pierce reconcile, once again sounding like a loving couple. Once Lucifer notices the guests attention he seals the deal with a kiss.

This aspect of the story line, while hilarious, did seem as if it were lifted straight from a piece of fan fiction. Whilst this, in itself, isn't a bad thing, it does give me the same uncertain feeling that most same-sex interaction in Lucifer give me. Did the writers add this as the building blocks for further LGBT+ story lines for either Lucifer or Pierce, or did they just do it to throw the fans a bone and hope that they would be satisfied? Or, it could have been done to take the piss out of the trope. Which, if done right can be funny, but if done insensitively could make a group of people already marginalised even more afraid to tell stories in which they see characters they love be more like them.

With the party back in swing the murderer is eventually caught and everyone can finally go home. Back at the police station Chloe ask Pierce if he wants to join her and some of the others for a drink, only for him to decline and tell her that nothing can happen between them. Hopefully this means that they won't get together in the future, because the bonding that happened between Lucifer and Pierce in this episode was highly entertaining and I am anticipating great things from their time together in future episodes. And, for once, I will admit that Chloe not being a celestial insider did add to how enjoyable the episode was.

The episode ends as it started with Pierce going to the penthouse to see Lucifer, only this time their conversation is more productive. Each claims that the other is afraid of being alone, something which Pierce admits to but Lucifer awkwardly avoids. I am excited to see where this will go, especially about another thing Pierce said in this scene; 'it's hard not to get attached'. A line which seems like foreshadowing if I even did hear it, question is just how attached are the two of them going to get? and to whom? I guess only time will tell.

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