Lucifer: 3.12 All About Her

The end of the mid-season finale (not the recent eleventh episode originally planned to be part of season two), saw Lucifer discovering that Pierce is actually Kane, the first murderer.

Episode twelves picks up where The Sin Bin left off, with Lucifer and Pierce still sitting in Lux as they discuss his situation and Pierce reveals that he still feeling pain. This quickly cuts to Chloe and Maze at home, where Chloe blows up at Maze for making holes in the wall by throwing knives.  This scene gives a hook for two of the storylines of the episode. One where Chloe is angry angry at Lucifer for breaking her trust by taking The Sinnerman hostage right after she had taken a big risk by helping Lucifer to break him out of custody. The other is where Maze has gotten the knife for Linda as a thank you for agreeing not to pursue a relationship with Amenadiel, which we know was a lie.

Its isn't until quite a bit later  that we see Amenadiel for the first time, in a doctor's visit that ends with the unexpected diagnosis of chlamydia. This leads to him having to message all of his previous lovers about the diagnosis so that they to can get tested, and of course he messages Maze just as she is gifting Linda the knife. This makes the conversation between Maze and Linda even more strained, though Maze doesn't seem to notice.

This culminates in Linda and Amenadiel meeting for dinner where she is intent in ending their relationship, over for them to end up kissing. The camera cuts back and we see Maze looking on, seeing her best friend kiss her ex, and break her trust at the same time. This scene was a little heart breaking. Linda was the first real adult friend that Maze made on Earth, the person she trusted the most, and now that relationship may be in ruin. It is especially surprising because Linda has always been the voice of reason on the show, I am interested to see Maze's reaction and I know that it isn't going to be good.

The case of the week is a surfer  found dead on a beach in a fancy area of LA, killed by strangulation with a surf leash. Lucifer turns up to help Chloe in exchange for her helping him deal with Pierce, but she turns him away. Chloe is fed up with his 'all about me' attitude, which is fair enough; most people would be pissed of if someone who just convinced them to risk their job outright betrayed them. Add to that fact, Lucifer is often a selfish idiot. Some of this anger would be fixed if she just knew the truth about Lucifer and why he does what he does. The extent to which they ahve dragged out Chloe being in the dark has always frustrated me, and whilst I know that it does provide a good plot point on which to build narrative, this is just getting ridiculous.

Lucifer tries to rectify the situation by making his interactions with Chloe All About Her. But this quickly back fires as he organises her desk without her consent, in a way that he, rather than one Chloe, would understand. This brings me back to my previous point; the lack of real understanding between the two of them is obviously the crux of the issue. Even though they spend so much time together, they never seems to talk much about their likes an dislikes, how they like their desks organised or the fact that one of them is a celestial being.

This may have been done to emphasise just how oblivious Lucifer is to the needs of those around him, which suggests he hasn't actually changed all that much since the beginning of the series. This is  disappointing, because with each new big bad he has to tell more lies/ obscure more truths from Chloe and, whilst he shows the occasional sign of change, he hasn't developed as a character as much as I thought he would at this point in the show.

Another side storyline dealt with the ramification of Pierce shouting at Ella during episode ten. She starts the episode quiet, reserved and not at all like her usual talkative self. The first person to notice this is Charlotte, who talks to her and then confronts Pierce in front of the coffee machine. When Pierce eventually apologies, he is cut of by Ella's anger. Eventually get their messages across and Ella tries to help him out of his bad place with a hug.

This story line was very obviously meant to make a point on how men treat women in the work place and how feminine traits and women's voices are often silenced by that treatment. Whilst it is a little blunt and clumsy in doing this, the point still comes across and it warmed my heart to see it being addressed in a piece of such popular media, especially one with a cast of such diverse and well developed female characters.

The episode ends with Pierce almost transferring to a different station after finding out that the vulnerability that Chloe brings out in Lucifer doesn't work on him. But Lucifer manages to change his mind by offering him a deal; he offers to help Pierce die. The relationship between these two has interested me since Pierce was first introduced, but this deal means that they will be spending more time together. I am both excited for a dreading the inventive ways in which Lucifer tries to murder Pierce. And also how would that sit with the whole 'angels can't kill humans' thing?

Overall this was a solid start to the second half of the season, with subplots for all of the main characters that promise new intrigue and hilarity for the rest of the season. I, for one, am on the edge of my seat.

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