Lucifer: 3.11 City of Angels?

In the last episode transferred over from season two we see Lucifer's first few days in LA, before Charlotte, before Chloe, even before Lux. And his choice in fashion is... questionable at best. But the one thing that Lucifer's suit does confirm, it that is has been a while since Lucifer's last visit to Earth. This is something which I always thought was true, but now that it has been confirmed it opens up some rather interesting possibilities. What happens if some one Lucifer knew from a previous visit recognises him? How would he react and what would that mean in terms of keeping his divinity a secret? And, the much more interesting possibility, what if Lucifer has a child? But that is all speculation...

What is really surprising (or maybe not) is that even in his vintage threads Lucifer manages to get himself invited to some sort of sex party by a jogger who passes him in the street. However, his fun is interrupted by an irritated Amenadiel, who is wearing his signature robe (not a dress). Something which I didn't quite realise that I missed.

After a semi-successful attempt to get Lucifer back to hell, Amenadiel goes out side and get bumped into by a jogger. Shortly after there are gun shots and a man in a balaclava runs past. The man then shoots Amenadiel, steals his necklace, which we know to have extreme sentimental vaule, and extreme power. And thus the case for the episode is set up.

And here is where I wasn't sure how things were going to go; how are they going to write an episode of a police procedural, when Lucifer can't meet Chloe or Dan? It turns out, quite well actually. Once Amenadiel realises what has happened, and an incredulous Officer Decker has been unhelpful to his cause, he enlists Lucifer to help him find his necklace. Lucifer agrees, but only for a favor to be named later in return.

Meanwhile, the shot Amenadiel heard are revealed to have killed the jogger, who turns out to be a well known MMA fighter, Aiden Scott. The evidence at the scene leads Dan to think that is it a mugging gone wrong, but a yet to be promoted Chloe has a feeling that it is more than that. Since Dan ,won't do the leg work to prove it, Chloe decides to do it herself. So, the two separate lines of investigation mean that all the main characters can be involved in the case without meeting.

Lucifer and Amendiel's first port of call in a porn set, where the lead actress knew Scott. Eventually, after an embarrassing experience for Amenadiel, They find out that Scott had refused to throw a fight and are given a potential name for the person who made the offer. When they go to confront this man, Tio, it ends not with a confession, but with Amenadiel being set up for a fight. Que training montage. Lucifer certainly looks the part of a manager in his swanky, modern, suit.

In this scene, and in a way this entire episode, the dynamic between Lucifer and Amenadiel is a little jarring. They are far more amiable and amusing than they were at the beginning of season one. It almost as if their relationship from near the end of season two was transposed onto them pre-season one. Which is understandable because City of Angels? was filmed near the end of season two and it would have been a major change of tone for Amenadiel to go back to being mysterious and slightly ominous, but also this is jarring too. I honestly don't know what would have been better, and its not as if I don't like the brothers' interactions this episode, they are just a little odd considering the timeline.

Eventually Tio offers Lucifer money for Amenadiel to take the fall, but he denies being involved in Aiden Scott's death. So Lucifer brings in the big guns, or rather Maze the demon, in her hell given LARP costume. Unlike Lucifer and Amenadiel, Maze's personality has very much reverted back to what it was early on in the series, and it is questionable. In order to get Tio to talk she has sex with him, whilst he is tied up and scared. It seems that in this case the concept of consent was completely thrown out of the window, it is only qualified after as Maze says that Tio is crying tears of joy. I don't really know what I should expect for Lucifer, because while I am enjoying the story, the reputation of the show continues to disappoint.

Eventually the real culprit is caught, by both Team Angels and Team Chloe. And the episode finishes with Lucifer cashing in his favour from Amenadiel, Lucifer wants Amenadiel to let him stay on Earth. Which makes the beginning on season one a bit narratively twisty (but whatever). Then Lucifer goes to the beach and has Maze cut off his wings for the first time.

Overall this was quite a good flashback episode. It was fun, silly and managed to give some insight into the characters pasts especially Chloe and Dan's marriage. and the somber ending of Lucifer losing his wings plays in nicely to the next episode, where Lucifer will find out about the motivations of the real Sinnerman, Kane, the first murderer.

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