Lucifer: 3.10 The Sin Bin

Last week's episode saw The Sinnerman being caught a put into police custody. But, since he gouged his eyes out, not a lot was learnt about who he was and why he was hurting people. So I was looking forward to this week mid-season finale, if only to get some answers.

The Sin Bin starts with the usual as Lucifer drank away his feelings and quickly progressed to Lucifer and Lt. Pierce arguing over who gets to interrogate The Sinnerman. It quickly becomes apparent, after Chloe takes the initiative and begins the interview herself, that The Sinnerman has an accomplice and that people are still in danger.

At this point I began to doubt that the person in custody was The Sinnerman at all. Last week I thought that he had been caught too easily, the big bad of the season wouldn't go down that easily without reason. So when it seemed the The Sinnerman had gotten someone kidnapped even from inside, I figured some game was being played. And, honestly, if he hadn't been then it would have been disappointing writing.

Talking of disappointing, once they work out that the girl who has been kidnapped is a derby girl, it's off to the races for Lucifer and Chloe. Que the transphobic joke from Lucifer. Turns out there is a maneuver in roller derby called 'sausage', which  happens just as Chloe and Lucifer walk in, prompting Lucifer to say 'What? So those aren't Ladies?'. UUUGH!!! This joke is not only lazy and unimaginative but also super exclusionary and offensive.

The queer baiting - because a this point that is what it is - is becoming tiring and I don't like it; but because Lucifer is canonically LGBT+ I have sort of let it slide. I let it slide for nearly ten seasons of Supernatural, so why no here? But this is a new low, joking about an oppressed minority for cheap laughs is unacceptable and I hope that the writing team doesn't let this happen again.

Once it has been established that there is no way to find the girl other than by letting The Sinnerman lead them to her, Lucifer and Chloe launch an elaborate escape. They succeed and, to their surprise, are joined in their getaway by Pierce. The Sinnerman leads the group to the girl and Chloe and Pierce rush to save her, leaving Lucifer and The Sinnerman alone. This was a bad idea, as it leads to Lucifer kidnapping The Sinnerman and taking him to one of Lucifer's many properties to be tortured by Maze.

This all culminates in Lucifer discovering that The Sinnerman's true desire is to die, and for some reason Lucifer has to be the one to do it. But, angels aren't allowed to kill humans, so fortunately Pierce arrives and shoots The Sinnerman dead before Lucifer does something he would inevitably regret.

Meanwhile, Dan is having a stressful day, but in a much less brutal way. Trixie has a surprise day off school and Dan discovers that her usual babysitter has died. Enter Charlotte Richards. After a brief interaction in the queue for coffee Trixie decides that Charlotte is who she wants to spend her day with. And, of course, Charlotte says yes. This leads to some adorable interactions between the two ladies, and ends with Charlotte and Dan agreeing to a date and Charlotte telling her ex-husband she wants to see her children.

I am undeniably excited to see how this story line goes. I already much prefer the real Charlotte Richards to Lucifer's Mum. She is a lot more charming and a lot less irritating. I'm not sure how her meeting up with her children is going to go, as it will mean that she will be faced with the things that 'Mum' did but that Charlotte doesn't remember. It could mean that far more people become celestial insiders, as she and probably Dan begin to search for answers. But I don't think that that would be a bad thing, especially if it means Chloe learns the truth.

Finally at Lux, Lucifer has a theory, one that he came to after seeing a picture of The Sinnerman as a child, hugged by someone has a mark on their arm in exactly the same place as Pierce's military tattoo. But surely whoever was in the photo would be old by now? Not if their immortal. Lucifer puts his theory to the test by stabbing Pierce in the chest, killing him. An awkward minute or so passes, so much time that it seems as if Lucifer may have been wrong. But he wasn't, Pierce eventually starts breathing again, and Lucifer reveals who is really is, Kane, the first murderer.

I was expecting a twist, but not this. Perhaps because Pierce/Kane is played by Tom Welling, who is best know for playing home-grown boy scout Clark Kent on Smallville. I just didn't expect him to be anything other than good. This is another thing that I really want to see develop. How are Lucifer and Kane going to settle their differences? What will Lucifer do if Chloe starts to make a move on Kane? And what the heck is happening with Linda and Amenadiel? Well we'll just have to wait until next year to find out.

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