Lucifer: 3.09 The Sinnerman

This week's episode brings with it romance, gruesome murder and the return of Lieutenant Pierce. First there is the case, a young man whom Lucifer has granted a favour in the past is found murdered. Two shots to the chest and legs mangled postmortem lead Chloe and Lucifer to think the cause is the victim's connections with the mob. This theory goes out the window when another body turns up, a celebrity hairdresser, who Lucifer has also done a favour for.

This pattern causes Lucifer to mention The Sinnerman to Chloe again. But, as she is about to shoot him down, Pierce walks in and corroborates Lucifer's story. I liked that they did this, Chloe being out of the loop with everything celestial is getting tired as it is, without all the added Sinnerman nonsense.

While Chloe and Pierce are looking for the Sinnerman the police way, with the help of newly appointed DA Charlotte Richards, Lucifer is busy being kidnapped, again. When he gets a call from the Sinnerman himself Lucifer can't possibly stop himself from going to investigate alone, which gets him locked in a freezer. Only to be found by a pissed off Maze (Yay, she's back!!!) who only lets him out after he actually has a conversation with her.

Of course, Maze wouldn't track down Lucifer for a talk unless her usual confidante, Linda, was unavailable. In this case it because she needs to talk about Linda, or rather Amenadiel and Linda. It was obvious that the two were bonding last week in Chloe Does Luciferwhen Amenadiel aided Linda in dealing with being a celestial insider. So, when they did end up kissing, after assuring Maze they were just friends, it wasn't a complete surprise.

Before last week I didn't get any feeling of anything other than friendship between the two of them. So, while I am not entirely against this development, the show will have to be careful to balance it out with everything else that is going on. Lucifer has been good at this in the past, but putting this along with whatever is going on with Chloe and Pierce and, Charlotte and Dan, things may get a little cluttered.

Speaking of Charlotte, she is a bit of a star this episode. She is called in to help with the case because of her history defending 'alleged' mobsters, and has a bit of difficulty fitting into her new white hat. Enter Dan, who finds Charlotte crying in the toilet after a Chloe tricks her into saying some not so 'good' stuff to get the trust of some mobsters. He comforts her by mentioning his past mistakes, which I so often forget about, and saying that its difficult to be good but it gets easier. This seems to boost Charlotte's confidence and makes me wonder if that relationship is going to be opened up again. If it was it would be weird, but honestly I much prefer this Charlotte to 'Mum'.

What Charlotte doesn't know is that her outburst has lead to Chloe and Pierce having a heart to heart whilst staking out the mobs restaurant trying to get a lead on the Sinnerman. During this conversation Pierce reveals that the person who the Sinnerman killed was his brother. Which isn't what I was expecting, at all. I assumed it would more likely be a partner or a child, something to give an idea of Pierce's sexuality so as to further the supposed 'hots' that Ella thinks he has for Chloe. I am less on board for this relationship than I am with the two that I have previously mentioned; unless they are endgame and not just an extra excuse for Lucifer to get all moody over Chloe.

Even with all of these budding/potential romances going on The Sinnerman still manages to but one of the most brutal episodes of Lucifer to date.  Mainly due to The Sinnerman not wanting Lucifer to know what he truly desires or why he does what he does. His need to keep his secret id so strong that when he does get taken into custody he gouges his own eyes out with a pen before Lucifer has a chance to talk to him.

It surprised me that the Sinnerman was revealed so early in the season, we aren't even half way through yet and the 'big bad' has been revealed. This could mean that, with that suspense gone, the narrative begins to fall flat. However, that gruesome ending did intrigue me and has me wondering 'but what if there is something worse to come?'.

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