Lucifer: 3.08 Chloe Does Lucifer

This weeks episode brings the story back into season three, with Lucifer and Chloe on a new case, Charlotte looking for redemption from Ella and Amenadiel helping Linda through a tough time.

This weeks case is the murder of a 'boring' young women found beaten to death in her living room. It is revealed that she had hacked her way onto an exclusive dating app for fabulous people and went on a date. Later it is also uncovered that, while she did sneak in, she could only do so because she was the one created the app in the first place and that the face of her company, who she was a bout to dethrone, was the one who killed her. In the process this reveals both the face and the woman room mate to be frauds and phoneys.

This story line is where the name of the episode comes from, as Chloe has to go to a mixer for the dating app and Lucifer tries to teach her to be more like him, hence, Chloe Does Lucifer. But of course it isn't that simple, the entirety of this story line revolves around the idea that there are fabulous people, like Lucifer, and boring people, like Chloe. Fabulous people travel a lot and drink fancy drinks and go to parties, boring people sit at home and play monopoly with their children.

The real point to this story is to show how Lucifer has changed. At the beginning of the episode we see him playing monopoly with Trixie and Chloe and having a better time than when, at the end of the episode, he has yet another attractive women in his bed. throughout the episode Lucifer comes to realise this fact. At first he resists it, as Lucifer is wont to do, but by the end he has accepted that maybe 'boring' isn't actually boring at all, it is just what you do with people who you aren't afraid to be yourself with.

Meanwhile, Charlotte has sought out Ella and asked for her help in being a better person and learning how to resist/get rid of the darkness inside her. Ella, however is surprisingly reluctant. One explanation for this could be her still mysterious, yet surely criminal, past. Ella may be nervous that Charlotte, an amazing lawyer, will find out what she was involved in before the series and then put her job in jeopardy.

By the end of the episode Ella has relented somewhat as Charlotte reveals that she has taken a job at the DA's office, even though there is a significant pay cut. But Ella still looks nervous once Charlotte has left. This relationship is not one I expected to be developed, but I am intrigued to see how it will unfold. What will Charlotte do if she finds out about Ella's past? Will she protect her, or will she continue being 'good' and turn her into the police if needs be.

Outside of LA's police sphere, Linda is planning the memorial for Reese, her ex-husband. When Amenadiel finds out about her loss he goes to help, only to find her stressing about urns and table arrangements. This frantic organising eventually breaks down into Linda having a crisis about the knowledge about the afterlife that she now has. Eventually Amenadiel comforts her and calms her down. Then there a moment that I am a bit unsure about. After Amenadiel has finished speaking, he is leaning over Linda where she lies in the sand and, for but a moment it seems as if they are going to kiss. Which would be weird.

If they did decide to go down the road of Linda and Amenadiel being together it could add some interesting elements to the show. First off it would mean that Amenadiel would have his first relationship with a human. Then it would also mean Linda's first relationship since Lucifer, or arguably Reese. And there is the issue of how Maze would react, what with Amenadiel being her ex and Linda being her first adult human friend. So while I would not object to this being taken further, it could cause large amounts of tension in the character dynamics of the show.

Another less major thread of Chloe Does Lucifer is, once again, Lucifer's attraction to men. This time it comes in the form of Lucifer volunteering to go the the mixer that Chloe ends up going to and commenting that he is so well known for turning straight men that he has been called 'The Skillet'. Not only is this continuing Lucifer's quips about his sexuality but it is also super problematic because it perpetuates the idea that peoples sexuality is easily swayed or influenced, that it is a whim or a 'phase'. The problematic nature of this is only added to by the fact that at the end Lucifer says that Oscar Wilde, an LGBT+ icon, was straight when Lucifer first met him. This entire point would be less problematic if it was framed as Lucifer helping people discover their sexuality, but it isn't; it;s just using the tired 'turned' trope. If these quips don't come to anything then I will be really unimpressed.

Two weeks until the next episode and Lieutenant Pierce will be back, as will Maze. The latter of which I am much more excited for.

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