Lucifer: 3.06 Vegas With Some Radish

This weeks episode opens to the off tone singing of the station as they present Chloe (Lauren German) with her slightly wonky birthday cake. A sad situation which is quickly out shone by the arrival of a stripper cake, that everyone assumes is sent by Lucifer (Tom Ellis). However, it soon becomes apparent that it was in fact Ella (Aimee Garcia) who sent the cake.

This scene of frivolity is soon cut in half by Lucifer receiving a call for the Las Vegas police department telling him his ex-wife is missing. This leads to him and Ella high tailing it to Vegas to save her. This leads to two things. One, we begin to learn more about Ella's past and two, Lucifer leaves Chloe on her birthday with no explanation.

While Ella's shady past has been hinted at and briefly shown previously, she is still a bit of a mystery. The main thing we learn about her this episode is that she is banned from several casinos in Vegas because she is excellent at counting cards. Now this in itself isn't particularly surprising; we know that Ella has been involved in criminal activities and she has mentioned before that her and Vegas don't go well together. The bit that is a real surprise is the reason she gives Lucifer for her card counting, she says that it 'quiets the voices'. Once she says this she quickly back tracks and distracts Lucifer, but the comment is still there.

The most obvious take away from this comment is that Ella has some form of schizophrenia. This is very unexpected. Mental health issues are still something that aren't covered as extensively in television as they could be, and when they are it is most often depression or anxiety. So a positive representation of schizophrenia and someone living their day-to-day life with it could be ground breaking. However, it could also be done disastrously, so here's to hoping.

Meanwhile, back in LA, Chloe is more than a little miffed that Lucifer just up and left her on her birthday. He won't pick up the phone so she begins to search for him. This leads her to Dr. Linda's (Rachael Harris) office, where she admits that even though she went to Lux she couldn't bring herself to go up to the penthouse because of what happened the last time Lucifer disappeared. She can't face seeing all the furniture covered in sheets and Lucifer gone without a trace again. Because of this, Linda offers to go with her. This leads to the two women finding and empty penthouse and deciding to stay there for Chloe's birthday party.

After a few drinks Chloe and Linda find Lucifer's safe, and enlist Dan (Kevin Alejandro) to help them get into it. They don't manage to get in, but when Lucifer gets back from Vegas he opens it up and shows Chloe whats inside. This is another surprise, the only contents of the safe is Chloe's birthday present. A necklace with the bullet she shot Lucifer with on it.

Up until this point I was about 95% certain that Chloe and Lucifer getting together was part of the show's end game. But now I'm not so sure. Even though the relationship between Chloe and Lucifer was a focus of this episode, it felt more platonic than romantic. Yes, Chloe is distressed that Lucifer isn't around, and that he may have skipped out on her again, but it isn't the same as before. I would be happy with the show going down this route. The Chloe and Lucifer thing is a bit tired, and while I would like the both of them to be happy in the end, I don't see why they have to find that happiness in a romantic relationship with each other.

Another notable point about this episode is that it is one of the episodes lifted out of season two. However, its insertion into this season is much less jarring than Mr and Mrs Mazikeen Smith. This gives me hope that the other two episodes from season two will also feel less awkwardly placed.

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