Lucifer: 3.04 What Would Lucifer Do?

After last weeks revelation that Lucifer is his test, Amenadiel was anxious to find out what he is meant to be getting from it. His first conclusion, with Lucifer's intervention, was to be more fun, more like Lucifer. This, of course, lead to much hilarity.

First, Lucifer gives Amenadiel access to all of his social media. Social media which he lists as Snapchat, Instagram and Grindr. And yet again LGBT+ people are the butt of a joke on the show, because that 's all the mention of Grindr amounts to. It is only there to get a giggle, because god forbid any character in this show have a same-sex attraction that was taken seriously. This addition was especially jarring because of the start of the episode, Lucifer was seen in bed with a beautiful woman. These two moments put together made me suspect that this has never happened between Lucifer and a man. Even though that show has now acknowledged Lucifer's attraction to men multiple times, it is always in passing or towards a man who isn't currently available to him. Let us not forget when one of Lucifer's male lover lovers was literally found dead.

Once Amenadiel is dressed up to the nines in some of Lucifer's clothes he goes down to Lux and tries to flirt. The first woman he walks up to has a boyfriend, the second throws her drink on him and the third is a prostitute; which we discover when Dan has to bail Amenadiel out after he is jailed for beating up said prostitute's pimp. This leads the both of them to Lux for a consolatory drink.

While seeing Amenadiel attempt to flirt was amusing, I am glad that his acting like Lucifer was short lived. Amenadiel's character has fluctuated a lot over the past two seasons and I am always thirsty for more development, for him to find out what he wants to do and who he is rather than just doing what is intended for him. I am watching him with bated breath to see what happens next.

But, without Maze I think it may feel a little soul less. Maze and Amenadiel's relationship, though understandably no longer sexual, is one I hope recovers to some form of friendship over the course of the show, (Maze's absence is due to Lesley-Ann Brandt having a baby, which is very understandable). But I also miss her immensely; she keeps Lucifer grounded and makes Chloe lighten up. Her absence is really felt.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Chloe's relationship with Lt. Pierce is continuing its rocky start. It begins with him turning down Chloe's request to be put up for a union rep position, and continues as he is on her back throughout the case she is working on, with Ella all the while insisting the Pierce has a thing for her.

There has been a murder at a ranch for reforming teenage addicts, and while Lucifer is busy getting high and trying to prove that people don't change, Chloe is doing actual police work. However, Lucifer is the one that Pierce keeps praising. This especially irritates Chloe as Lucifer literally starts to teach the residents of the ranch how to sell drugs.

This all comes to a head when Pierce insists on riding along on an arrest that Lucifer doesn't want to go on. When Chloe finally snaps at Pierce for being so hard on her he tells her that she is his best detective and he was just trying to push her. And that he didn't give her the union rep nomination because it is a position for has-beens. Now, I'm sure this is meant to be a touching moment, but really it just felt super cliche. The moment is then broken by the suspect shooting at Chloe and Pierce jumping in to save her.

I can see where this is likely going. Chloe and Pierce are going to start a work romance and Lucifer will step aside because while he loves Chloe, he wants her to be able to properly choose who she is with. Then just as Chloe get comfortable and thinks her and Pierce might have a future he either dies or has to leave for some dramatic reason, so the she and Lucifer can be together in the end. Quite frankly I am already bored. This is a story that has been done to death and it really will add very little to the show.

However, I am still holding out hope that what will actually happen is that Chloe will start to listen to Ella's insistence that Pierce likes her, make a move and then find out he is gay. Literally every part of my body that could be crossed is crossed for this to happen. Because as I said dramatic love triangles where a woman has to choose between her passion and her logic before fate decides for her are dull.

Also Charlotte is back next week, which I am less the enthused for. But we'll just have to see if the real Charlotte is as annoying and scheming as Lucifer's mother.

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