Lucifer: 3.01 They're Back, Aren't They?

Lucifer is back and more feathery than ever. The end of last season saw Lucifer cut a hole in space and time with the flaming sword so that his mother could have a universe all of her own. After this happened, Lucifer called Chloe to tell her the truth about him, just as he was clocked over the head by a masked figure. The last shots of season two saw Lucifer stranded in the desert with one major addition; his wings.

Season three starts up where season two left off; Lucifer is still in the desert and still pissed that his wings are back. This is the first wing related plot hole of the episode, we've seen what Amenadiel could do when he still had his wings, why doesn't Lucifer just fly back to Lux? A possible explanation for this could be his hatred for his wings, the fact that they are back is a symbol of his father's control over him could mean that he is loath to use them. Another could be just that he is so used to not having them, he just forgets.

After an encounter with an encounter in the desert with a robber and some police, Lucifer finally makes it back to LA, where he asks Linda, who is in a wheelchair after the events of last seasons finale, to cut off his wings for him. Enter the second wing related plot hole. In season one, it was said that any mortal who gazed upon Lucifer's wings would be intensely drawn to them and their beauty. This doesn't happen now, not for the robber from before and not for Linda. It may be that the effect is different when they are actually attached to Lucifer or the writing team may explain it away in later episodes.

After Linda's refusal, Lucifer returns to the police station where no one believes that he was kidnapped. So he takes Chloe to the scene of the crime, where they don't find any evidence of Lucifer's kidnapping but they do find a hand sticking out of the ground. Que this episodes case. It's an odd one, but it means Ella is at peak awesomeness as she helps with case. From the time she was introduced to the show I knew she was going to be golden and now, a season on, she still doesn't disappoint.

It turns out the man who was buried alive way 'fake kidnapped' by a company paid by his friend, he same company who was paid to 'kidnap' Lucifer. Eventually they find a man named Sam, who tells Lucifer that he was employed by 'The Sinner Man' to take him out to the desert.  The episode ends with some artsy shots of Sam impaled on a piece of re bar under a pier and sets up the mystery of this new villain well.

Whilst Lucifer is busy trying to find out what happened to him, Amenadiel is having a bit of a personal crisis. But in all honesty when is he not? After he turns up at the police station to get Lucifer to tell what happened to their mother, Lucifer sends him to the penthouse to get a relaxing massage. When he is there Amenadiel finds Lucifer's recently cut off wings, leading to more personal angst. It's the speech from Ella on having faith that gets him to see 'the bright side'. If Lucifer can be redeemed then surely so can he.

This line of story for Amenadiel, whilst understandable, is getting a little tired. He is constantly trying to get back to where he was at the beginning of the show, but is arguably much more interesting as he is now. It would be really disapointing if Amenadiel were to get his powers back and just go back to being a grumpy stick-in-the-mud. So whatever is in store for him in season three my biggest hope is that he retains, if not builds upon, his new found personality.

Another big event of this episode is the introduction of a new lieutenant at the police station. Lieutenant Marcus Pierce, whilst praised by Ella, turns of to be a rude hard-ass. However, he is particularity informed about and interested in Lucifer. This will make for a fascinating dynamic going forward. As we all know, Lucifer loves attention, but Pierce's motives have yet to be revealed.

What this episode is severely lacking in is some Maze and Trixie. These two, and the relationship between them, made for some of the most charming scenes in season two and there absence is noticed. Looking ahead I hope that Maze's burgeoning relationships with humanity are explored more in this season and that she isn't just brought in to clear up Lucifer's messes. As for Trixie, I just want her to be in every episode a little bit because she is funny and adorable.

Overall They're Back,  Aren't They? is an average season opener. It adds new characters and opens new story lines in some fun and unexpected ways, The Sinner Man especially opens up a whole host of possibilities. Is he an angel, a demon or something else entirely? I guess we will just have to wait and see. Whatever it is, I am looking forward to it.

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