Lucifer: 3.05 Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards

One of the biggest surprises of the season two was that, once Lucifer's mother had left to her own pocket universe, Charlotte Richards woke up. This surprise was in no small part because Charlotte was dead when Lucifer's Mother moved in. But, hey, its a show about supernatural stuff, how can I say whether or not being possessed by a divine being would drag you back from Hell.

But now, after a month or so pretending that she isn't missing months of time, Charlotte is back in the police station representing a client. Said client is the CEO of a pudding company whose head chemist was just boiled to death, in a vat of his own creation.

At first Lucifer is wary around Charlotte, confused as to why she is there and unsure whether or not his Mother is in there or not. The uncertainty is cleared up when she turns up at the penthouse and, to Lucifer's horror' attempts to snog his pants off; a moment which was equal parts amusing and cringe worthy.

After Lucifer's frantic rejection, Charlotte cracks and tells him about her lost time, and that she thinks she went to Hell. Which leads to Lucifer suggesting that she try to be a better person now that she has a second chance. Whilst this would normally be good advice, it does have some unforeseen consequences. As Lucifer, Chloe, Ella and Dan work out that the chemist actually committed suicide in order to expose the fact that the pudding the company was making was poisonous, Charlotte has taken her clients hostage under the pretence of a meeting about a future merger.

Charlotte then tells them how she didn't realise the blood on her client's hands would also be on hers for defending them, which seems like something rather stupid to think for a character that is framed as being incredibly smart. This altercation ends with her clients going to jail for knowingly selling a poisonous product, and Charlotte realising ensuring that she doesn't go back to Hell isn't going to be easy.

I admit that when I saw that Charlotte was going to be in this episode I wasn't exactly excited for it. I wasn't a fan of Lucifer's mother, though I did love her beautiful send off. So I am very glad the Charlotte isn't going to be too similar a character to her 'missing time' counter part.

Positioning her into a redemption arc isn't something that I expected. But now that I think abut it, it doesn't surprise me. Redemption is a major theme through out Lucifer, be it for Lucifer himself as he learns to care for himself and others, or for Dan after it was revealed that he was corrupt. Charlotte's redemption is especially interesting as it connects so well with the redemption both Lucifer and Amenadiel are seeking. Both Charlotte and Amenadiel are trying to make up for past wrongs and prove to God that they deserve his love. Whereas, both Charlotte and Lucifer, the latter less overtly, are trying to prove to themselves that they are good people and that they are worth saving, not by God but just in general.

Another sub-plot that this re-opens is the relationship between Dan and Lucifer's Mother. At the time of season two I found this romance frustrating, both because of Mum Charlotte's manipulation of Dan and the fact the I still didn't like Dan much. In hindsight, I find it quite charming, though I don't know how the writers are going to play this. Charlotte knows that she has lost time but not why and Dan doesn't even know about the lost time, let alone the 'I slept with God's ex-wife' situation. Unless some secrets are revealed then this dynamic is going to lead to some awkward situations, especially if Charlotte is going to be around more now that she is trying to be a better person.

I wouldn't be in any way against this. The fact that so few of the main cast are aware of what is really going on and who Lucifer really is, is starting to get old. While I understand that Chloe finding out will be a big deal and will likely irreversibly change the show, it is definitely time for that shake up. Part of me think that I won't have to wait too long though, because 'The Sinnerman' this way comes.

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