Lucifer: 3.03 Mr & Mrs Mazikeen Smith

Mazikeen has filled various roles over Lucifer's current run, from play mate to protector to friend. But there have been two consistencies throughout; she is lost and she is angry. Whilst season two explored how Maze was beginning to make friends with the people around her, there wasn't anything quite as focused as Mr and Mrs Mazikeen Smith.

The episode starts with Maze expressing boredom at her bounty hunting job, it just isn't exciting anymore. Linda suggests that Maze think about what she wants, but, of course, Lucifer jumps in with the easier solution of finding the hardest bounty possible. Which sends Maze all the way to 'sunny' Canada.

Before she leaves we also get the pleasure of Trixie on our screens for the first time in season three. She is adorable, but that goes without saying. Especially because she is the only one to be worried about Maze going, even going so far as to give Maze one of her toys to take with her. Chloe on the other hand is more worried for Canada.

The episode progresses and Maze fights, coerces and copulates her way to her mark, a man named Ben Rivers, who, according to the LA police, shot two teenagers in cold blood. However, once Maze has found Rivers it quickly becomes obvious that finding him wasn't the only hard part. Rivers is charming and also, according to him, innocent.

A claim that Maze begins to believe when 'room service' shoots at the two of them with a machine gun. This leads to Rivers getting shot and Maze calling Linda for help. It is also the point at which Lucifer, who had been sure Maze was doing ok up until now, realises that maybe there is more to this. Maze and Lucifer's relationship has been steamy at best and non-existent at worst, but I am not sure quite what to think of Lucifer's behavior in this episode. On the one hand, he is appreciating that Maze is capable of looking after herself. But, on the other, the second he sees that this whole situation is more that just boredom for her, he goes into immediate mother hen mode.

As always, it doesn't so much seem to be mother henning for Maze's sake as for his own. Lucifer himself is almost completely incapable of handling feelings, so the second he sees Maze having them he panics. Which just goes to show that Lucifer's emotional progress when it comes to Chloe, often doesn't extend to his friend from Hell. I am not sure if this is because she is a demon or something else but I do hope that they begin to be able to talk as the show goes on.

Despite Lucifer's worry Maze, along with Dan who is meant to be on vacation, manages to sort the situation out herself. When it is revealed that Rivers is innocent she asks him to come home with her, but he says he still isn't safe and asks her to run away with him. After a heated kiss Maze declines and returns to LA saying it is exactly where she wants to be.

Maze's character development has always intrigued and delighted me, and seeing it in such sharp focus was fun. But it did fall a little flat. Maybe because Mr and Mrs Mazikeen Smith was originally meant to be part of season two rather than season three. Whilst I am glad season two ended when it did in terms of narrative, and I am glad to have seen Mr and Mrs Mazikeen Smith here, it did feel out of place. For one, in the admittedly few scenes in the police station, Lieutenant Pierce's absence was glaring. After setting him and the Sinnerman up as such important parts of the season's narrative it was odd to have them both suddenly disappear. Because of this, Mr and Mrs Mazikeen Smith felt more like filler. I know there probably wasn't any place better to put it than at the beginning of the season when the other plot points hadn't developed too much but it still just doesn't feel quite right.

What this slight disconnect does make me excited for is when Maze finally becomes part of the main season three story. I highly doubt her and Pierce will get along and the consequences of that are likely to be highly amusing. Bring on episode four.

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