Lucifer: 2.15 Deceptive Little Parasite

One of the most charming aspects of Tom Ellis's performance as Lucifer is his ability to flit from sexaholic, partying club owner to innocent child in his reaction to the big, bad world. He plays it with such aplomb that he can be utterly adorable in his pursuit to understand humanity one moment and then appear hand in hand with two semi-naked women and a cutting wit the next. And we certainly saw more of that inner child this week as he sought to control his emotions to power the flaming sword of Azrael and return to Heaven.

The sight of the devil sitting reading a children's book about emotions at Lux before being accosted by three strippers resembling Chloe was hilarious and the line "a foursome isn't an emotion mum" is a something you would only hear on Lucifer. Charlotte's attempts to get her son fuelled up on emotions made for a number is amusing scenarios, ranging from giving him a sex party to attacking him in riot gear in an underground car park. Tricia Helfer does very similar good work in presenting the goddess's failure to understand humanity though she purposely doesn't carry the same charm to make her likeable. But that's the point. While Lucifer genuinely seems to care for his work and his relationship with Chloe, Charlotte would happily as burn the world if it could get her home.

Of course, we found out why there was urgency in her attempts to elicit emotions in Lucifer; her vessel is breaking down. I guess this means we won't be seeing Helfer again next season, which will be a shame as she has made a great impression on the cast. But at the same time, there isn't much further for her to go; either she returns home and is locked in (as Lucifer plans), resulting in her and God tearing each other apart or she'll end up back in her prison in Hell or she'll die in this world. Something tells me it's the last option and that she could emerge as something very dangerous the more desperate she gets. Either way, I hope that Charlotte's seemingly inevitable departure will give D.B. Woodside's Amenadiel something to do; he has felt a little wasted this season, trailing in her wake.

The murder case this was stronger than usual as it gave a lot of the cast something to get their teeth into. Too often shunted away as of late, the adorable Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) got to team up with Lucifer as he investigated the death of an admissions officer at a prestigious private school. Estevez is obviously growing up, but she's still as sharp as ever and playing Lucifer's daughter and then getting ready to drive the convertible - much to her mother's disgust - was wonderful. There was also a lovely moment between Chloe and Trixie as they talked through her own difficulties dealing with her mother's near death a couple of episodes ago.

I'm also really enjoying the friendship between Chloe and Mazikeen this season; Maze pretending to listen to Chloe while hiding her headphones was typical (and very funny) but one of the highlights of the episode was seeing them team up as a married couple at the school function to spread gossip and catch the killer. Maze also had a spectacular take down of the killer too. There was a lot of humour in the case, from the free-thinking hippy values on display at the school to the over sensitive head master to the nice but dim PE teacher who was sleeping with every woman in the place and all the mums too.

Deceptive Little Parasite - Lucifer's wonderful little name for Trixie - was a great episode for much of the cast; even Linda getting in a therapy session or two with Lucifer (which continue to be one of my favourite aspects of the show). From Maze and Chloe to Lucifer and Trixie, there were some great dynamics at play and Charlotte's desperate attempts to manipulate Lucifer were as delightful and cringe worthy as ever; with her body dying, I'm fully expecting her to transform into a fully fledged villain by the end of the season, and I can't wait.

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