Lucifer: 2.14 Candy Morningstar

Lucifer is back for the final run of episodes for season two. Jess is off abroad at the moment, so I'll be picking up reviewing duties for the remainder of the season. The show took its second mid-season break back at the start of February (you can check out Jess's review of A Good Day To Die here) and Candy Morningstar picks up a couple of weeks after Lucifer's discovery that not only had his mother, Amenadiel and Mazikeen had been manipulating him but good old dad had as well, with the divine creation of Chloe Decker.

Needless to say, poor Lucifer was feeling quite the betrayal and had decided any thoughts of romance with Chloe were fake; being Lucifer though, things weren't going to get too dark and gritty. As much as Lucifer himself was obviously hurt by these betrayals and still obviously in denial about Chloe, he was still determined to prove that he was her partner and could still support the LAPD. The twist of course, was that he had a blond, bubbly wife from Vegas in tow, the surprisingly adorable Lindsey Gort as the titular Candy Morningstar, an exotic dancer by trade (she's not a stripper!).

It added a fun dynamic after things had gotten very serious as of late. As usual, the case of the weak was just okay - turns out the murder victim was killed by his band member after plans to go 'solo' but the focus of the week was not on the murder but how Lucifer readjusts to his life and Chloe in particular. It was nice to see the development of the bourgeoning bromance between Lucifer and Dan that has unfolded this season, while Charlotte continues to delight, first moping over her missing son with a potential hook up at the beginning of the episode and then questioning new daughter in law Candy on a bonding shopping trip. Tricia Helfer has been a great addition to Lucifer this season.

While this wasn't the strongest episode of the, arguably, improved season two, there was some highlights. Amenadiel's feeling of betrayal that Lucifer had moved on from Chloe after watching out for her were surprisingly heartfelt, and Lucifer's rendition of Eternal Flame to catch a potential murderer and win back Chloe was hilarious. I have to admit, I didn't see the final twist coming either - 'Candy' being the persona of the woman Lucifer hired to help him after helping her off screen in Vegas. Rather surprisingly, I'm going to miss Lucifer's fake wife and I'm intrigued to see if there will be any follow up to this over the rest of the season.

And then we have Charlotte's revelation that they have the flaming Sword that will allow them and Amenadiel to return to Heaven. Feeling particularly hurt by God's actions as of late, will this season see the Devil storm the gates of Heaven? Unlikely, given that we've got a third season to come, but it opens up some interesting possibilities for the final few episodes.

Candy Morningstar was a fun reintroduction to Lucifer after a three month break; that's the optimal word 'fun'. Tom Ellis's devil working with the LA PD to solve crimes continues to be witty and delightful and I for one am glad that there's plenty more to come.

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